Managed or Dedicated Server – Which is the Best For Your Website

Are you into the business that uses any hosting service to carry out the required activities? Are you in a confusion of selecting the type of hosting platform that perfectly fits in your work? If it is a yes, then you just dived into the right page. The software market across the world gives you innumerable options of platforms to use so as to carry out your work activities. The process of choosing the right serving platform may sometimes end you up in confusion. In such cases, it is better to know the pros and cons of using these serving platforms and then, choose the right one that best serves your work.

In an attempt to help you out in this process, we are here with the latest information that provides you all the details about the dedicated hosting server. Follow up and know all the advantages of using a dedicated server Cost for your work over the shared platforms available in the market. All the shared platforms offer limited space to store your information and also have issues when it comes to data security. Dedicated servers are much better to use over shared platforms. Before knowing the reasons behind using the dedicated platforms, know what this service is actually all about.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Servers, also known as Managed servers, is basically a web hosting Services that leases or dedicates an entire server to a single client and it cannot be shared by anyone else. In other words, the owner will have full control over the server, including the operating system, hardware, storage, etc. The major advantages of using the managed platforms include security, control, high performance, immense storage space, email stability. If your websites receive a large volume of traffic, you better switch to using a dedicated server over a shared server. Know more about the service by reading its advantages listed below.

Reasons Behind Using a Dedicated Hosting Service:

No Resources Sharing: The owner of the server has complete control on its operations and no other person can be able to share the resources from his server. This is one of its major advantages that provide additional uses in terms of high security to the information, control over the operations, etc.

High Data Security:

For all those businesses that are majorly run online, security becomes a major concern. When a dedicated service is used, it means that you are providing additional security to your information, by default. As security has become the major priority for online businesses, it is definitely a risk to use shared platforms like VPS that are prone to security attacks and breaches. Dedicated services provide the maximum-security for all your stored information and websites.

No Break Downs due to Heavy Website Traffic:

We often come across the issues that are related to the website crash downs of the most popular online sites that occur due to the immense traffic at particular times. This sometimes happens even in the case of managed hosting when there is uncontrollable traffic. Then what happens if you use shared platforms for your websites? If you are expecting huge traffic for your websites, it is definitely recommended to use only dedicated hosting so as to avoid any sudden crash downs that occur due to the uncontrollable traffic sometimes.

Experience Quicker Page Loading:

This is one of those main reasons behind why the visitors or clients get a not-so-good impression on your websites. If you do not want a negative effect on your website performance based on the page loading time, it is definitely recommended to use the managed hosting. By doing so, your website gets loaded within two or three seconds, which in turn gives a positive effect on your website traffic too.

Customized Programming Options:

So, when you are using a shared hosting platform, you have no option to change the programming or configure the settings according to your liking. Unlike this, a dedicated platform provides you the right to change the programming options and configure however you want to. In other words, all the controls of the hosting are absolutely in your hands.

Guaranteed Overall Growth:

Finally, by having all the advantages that a hosting platform provides, it can be strongly said that using a dedicated server for your operations will definitely lead to the overall growth of your business. If you are anticipating growth in the near future, it is recommended to choose a dedicated server over a shared platform as you will have almost zero limits of using the resources.

So, if you are planning to head forward in your business in this world where everything is happening online, take a wise decision by choosing a dedicated hosting server. It may cost you a little more than what you pay for the shared hosting platform, but this dedicated platform is definitely worthy of whatever you spend on it.

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