Many Minecraft Players Reported Issues With The New Launcher Not Working – 2022


Thousands of individuals play Minecraft every day, making it among the most played games. The majority of players usually always have no problems playing the game, but some players are experiencing bothersome troubles.

The Minecraft launcher not loading is one of the annoying problems that many gamers report to us.

If your Minecraft won’t launch for whatever reason, we’ll show you the most efficient fixes in this troubleshooting article.

Quick and Easy Ways to Fix Minecraft Issues

These are the fixes you should try if you can’t access the Minecraft launcher.

Reboot your system

Check to see if the tried-and-true “switch it off and on” method works in this situation before attempting the other fixes. It might occasionally just be a one-time bug that a restart might be able to fix.

Force stop the launcher

If there is already a running instance of the program in the Operating System, shutting and reloading the launcher can be helpful. This might occur if a different user account opened the program and forgot to close it. Stop all of the Minecraft processes in the Task Manager using CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to resolve the issue.

Check the updates

If restarting your computer or forcing Minecraft to close did not solve the problem, check to be that your launcher is currently running the most recent version. When troubleshooting, you shouldn’t utilize an old version of the Minecraft game or launcher.

Utilize the compatibility mode feature

Your Minecraft launcher might not be functioning properly right now if you’re using an outdated version of Windows because of incompatibility. To solve the issue, use Windows’ Compatibility mode feature. Follow the below steps to use this feature.

  1. In the Properties menu, double-click the Minecraft launcher icon.
  1. Make sure to tick the checkbox next to Run this software in compatibility mode on the Compatibility page.
  1. Select your operating system from the drop-down menu.
  1. Click OK > Apply.
  1. Launch the Minecraft client to see if it is now operational.

Run the launcher in administrator mode

Higher access may be required for some programs for them to function effectively. At this point, if the Minecraft launcher still won’t load, you can provide it elevated access by allowing it to run as Administrator. Just do the following actions to do that:

  1. If you want to run as administrator, right-click the Minecraft launcher icon.
  1. The User Access Control pop-up window will ask you to confirm; click Yes.

Restart your Minecraft profile

In order to speed up loading, Windows operating system uses a cache that is present in all apps. Your Minecraft profile is among the many items that are stored in this cache to speed up program loading.

This cache may occasionally get corrupted or damaged, which can occasionally result in more serious issues including crashes and subpar performance.

Follow these instructions to update your Minecraft profile:

  1. On the keyboard, click the Windows key and R together.
  1. Type %AppData% into the Run text box after it has opened, then hit Enter.
  1. Locate and open the .minecraft folder in the File Explorer window.
  1. Remove the launcher profiles.json file from the .minecraft folder.
  1. Run Minecraft again after erasing your profile to check if it’s now functional.

End the interfering apps

Some applications may purposefully or accidentally block others, depending on the circumstances. You can conduct a clean boot to see whether the Minecraft launcher has been blocked. The procedure is as follows, in case you haven’t tried it yet:

  1. On the keyboard, type msconfig while holding down the Windows key.
  1. Launch the System Configuration application.
  1. Click the box next to Hide all Microsoft services on the Services tab.
  1. After that, press the Disable all option.
  1. All background services from third parties will be turned off as a result.
  1. Next, select the Startup tab and then select the Open Task Manager option.
  1. Open the Task Manager, choose a process, and then click the End Task option to disable every application on the list.
  1. Hit OK in the System Configuration screen after closing the Task Manager window.
  1. Try restarting your computer to see if Minecraft still won’t launch.

Reinstall the launcher

The aforementioned suggestions should have enabled you to launch Minecraft without incident. Reinstalling the launcher is the only other option you have if the Minecraft launcher won’t start. The launcher itself might need to be fully uninstalled from your computer and reinstalled if it has become corrupt.

Follow the below steps to perform this solution.

  1. To open the start menu, hit the Windows icon key, then type “control panel” into the search box.
  1. To open the Control Panel, please select it from the list.
  1. Tap on Uninstall software under the Programs and Features heading.
  1. Look through the menu of installed programs for the Minecraft Launcher.
  1. Select “Uninstall” from the menu. To uninstall a program, you can also double-click on its name.
  1. Exit the control panel box after the uninstall procedure is finished.
  1. To launch the Run dialogue box, click the R key while simultaneously pressing the Windows icon key.
  1. In the dialogue box’s text field, type %AppData% and press Enter or OK.
  1. Locate the Minecraft folder and remove it from the Appdata File explore window.

The game will be fully removed from your computer after the file is destroyed. Check to see if Minecraft is still functional after a fresh installation.


Minecraft is one of the most loved games for all users. We know how frustrating it may get when you are unable to launch and play it. So, we have compiled all the possible effective solutions to fix this issue and resume your gaming experience. We hope this article serves you well.

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