Meningioma – How to get best Meningioma treatment in India?

What is all about Meningioma?

Meningioma is all about a tumour which will be most often cited at the meninges that is in the place near the brain. At times this tumour can also be seen in the spinal cord, whih is most common in people of 30 to 70 years of age. The treatment of Meningioma is often called as meningeal tumour or meningeal neoplasm.

Factors causing Meningioma

Even though there are no exact factors to name that causes Meningioma, but which create a path to this disease can be stated as follows:

  •         Serious injuries in the past
  •         Skull fractures
  •         Neurofibromatosis type 2
  •         Exposure to radiation for long duration

How to treat Meningioma?

Meningioma treatment cannot be done, just depending upon one factor; instead, there are several other factors that are taken into account to treat this disease such as the size of the tumor one of the most important one. The other factors that are considered to treat Meningioma, are the health of the person who is suffering with this disease and what are the symptoms which patient is suffering from along with the disease. However, once this disease is detected doctors will not recommend for the surgery directly instead they check the condition of the disease by conducting periodic scans and at the same time they detect the symptoms too. Once the existence of tumor is detected, then if it is in small quantities then doctors recommend to go with radiation therapy or radiosurgery. In case of large tumor cells, then it is advised by doctors to go with fractioned radiation. However, there are some proven cases where even medication did wonders to treat Meningioma.

Meningioma is treated in various methods, however the type of treatment will depend upon the age of the person, health condition and the size of the tumor. In general most of the doctors prefer to treat the patients of Meningioma, by following below mentioned three procedures.

Wait and then approach

This is the first and the foremost way to treat the Meningioma, because in most of the cases it will be small and is very hard to detect it. Even the patients with little existence of Meningioma tumor, will not exhibit any kind of symptoms. Hence, they are asked for the regular visits and scans, to check out the growth pattern of the tumor. If through scanning it is detected, that there is no growth of this disease in the person, then doctors avoid the surgery to treat.


Surgery is next best option employed by the doctors to treat Meningioma, because this disease is causing symptoms in the patient. Doctors aim to remove the existence of tumor completely, so that the chances of reoccurrence of this disease will be minimum and at the same time patient survival time also increases along with the disappearance of the symptoms. However, if it is too large then total removal tumor may not be possible and in that case radiation will do lot of help in treating it. Craniotomy is the preferred surgery for the Meningioma disease.


Radiation is another preferred way to treat Meningioma disease in patients suffering from it, which aims to kill the cancer cells that are growing rapidly. At the same time this process of treatment aims to minimize the level of damage that is caused to the surrounding brain cells. This process will be aiming to destroy the presence of DNA in these cells, so that the growth of the tumor comes to a stop. Radiation is preferred only when surgery is not possible and also if there is small existence of tumor even after surgery, which is unable to remove completely.


Chemotherapy is the least preferred way of treating Meningioma disease to destroy the cancer cells that are present in the brain.

What amount you need to spend on Meningioma treatment?

Meningioma treatment cost in India generally ranges USD 5500 to USD 7000, which entirely depends on the type of surgery as well as medical procedure that need to go through. Patients are provided with the good and better facilities to treat Meningioma disease in Indian hospitals.

What are the tests to detect Meningioma?

If a person is observed with the symptoms that lead to Meningioma, then usually doctors will advise to get done with the following tests to detect the presence of this disease. They are:

  •         CT scan for brain as well as head
  •         MRI to detect the presence of tumor
  •         Biopsy for determining benign or malignant

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