Most Reputed B. Pharma College in Dehradun to Get Admission

After getting B. Pharma Degree from the reputed B. Pharma College in Dehradun, an individual has many career opportunities. An individual has many job options to choose one as per his/her interest and desire and can take the career to a new height. The Bachelor of Pharmacy aims at teaching the candidates about the medicines and its preparation.

  1. Pharmacy is a professional course and this discipline is related to the medicines. It relates the chemical science with health science to produce drugs.

It also makes them familiar with the drug-related information. At the end of the program, the candidates become eligible to provide their advice on any of the health care programs and they become aware of the doctor’s prescription.

  • Join The Best Bpharma College In Uttarakhand

It is always worth to get the degree of pharmacy from the top college as it will aid you in boosting the career. In Uttarakhand, DIT University offers B. Pharma Degree along with the placement assistance. Getting B. Pharma degree permits an individual to work as the pharmacist and many more.

It is highly job oriented course. So, the number of job opportunities is great in this discipline. The availability of job is available in both in public as well as the private sector. Apart from working in the government sector, you can work in foreign countries too.

In fact, after completing the course, one can work at private medical shops, government hospitals, private hospitals and so on. Moreover, individual can work at some pharmaceutical company too. He/She can work at various departments like production, packing marketing, manufacturing and quality control.

  • Job Roles

You can choose any of the job roles as per your interest after completing B. Pharmacy.

  • Chemical technician
  • Drug Technician
  • Drug Inspector
  • Drug Therapist
  • Health Inspector
  • Hospital Drug Coordinator
  • Pharmacist
  • Scientist
  • Research & Development
  • Pathological Labs
  • Making Prescription to Patients
  • Research Officer

Apart from these job roles, there are several other job profiles too. Pharmacy graduates have a wide array of option to choose as their career. It all depends on their knowledge and their ability to apply knowledge in practical life. These are as follows:

  • Consultant Pharmacists
  • Dispensary Manager
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Community Pharmacist
  • Dispensary Pharmacist
  • Medicines Safety Manager
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Medicines Management Technician
  • Senior Clinical Pharmacists
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Drug Regulatory Manager
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Retailer
  • Recruiters

You can get the jobs in any sector whether it is private or public. Here are some major recruiters who have a keen interest in recruiting B. Pharma Candidates:

  • Chemist Shops
  • Hospitals as well as Clinics (Both Government and Private)
  • State wise Drugs and Pharmaceutical Boards
  • Abbott India
  • Cipla
  • Medical Shop chains (such as Apollo Pharmacy)
  • Sun Pharmaceuticals
  • Research bodies as well as labs
  • Glaxo Smith Kline India
  • Biocon

Apart from these, after completing B. Pharmacy course from Bpharma College in Uttarakhand one can also opt for higher education. They can enroll for M. Pharma and after one can go into the Research and Development field. B. Pharma provides excellent career opportunities to the Pharmacy graduates.

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