Natural Elements Can Give Relief To Cough

Cough and cold is something which people can suffer from at any time of the year. Also from toddlers to old people, everyone can suffer from cough. This happens because the throat wants to clear the accumulation of mucus which has been formed because of foreign irritants.

If a person is coughing a lot then it may be because of some ailment. It can be some sort of infectious disease as well. But if one is suffering from cough then they can always try and intake Ayurvedic cough syrup which can bring in some sort of relief.

In most of the cases, cough happens because they have been a virus attack in the body and then it can also get cleared off after a few days. One mostly even does not need any medical treatment for that. There are short term coughs that happen because of the infection that occurs in the upper part of the respiratory tract. It can also affect the throat and this happens as a result of flu, common cold attacks and Laryngitis. Cough can also happen because of the infection in the lower respiratory tract and it happens only when the lungs become infected. This can be the result of Bronchitis, Pneumonia and high fever.

One can suffer from long term couch as well and they can happen because asthma, mucus dripping throat, smoking and also some acid reflux diseases. When kids suffer from chronic coughs, it is mainly because of asthma issues. Lesser common coughs can be the result of fungal infection, Tuberculosis and even lung cancers.

If one is suffering from intermittent coughs then honey and Tulsi can be really good for the throat. One can dip a few Tulsi leaves in a tea spoon of honey and chew it every morning in an empty stomach in order to stop that cough. This is a century old home remedy to get relief from seasonal coughs. Once the leaves and honey are swallowed one can wait for 15 minutes and then drink a cup of normal water.

Now, why this process actually works? Well, it works because Tulsi leaves do have a lot of modulator compounds. It can always boost the immunity system in a human being and the oils present in the leaves can loosen the mucus to give the chest some relief from congestion. Honey is also a good thing to have because it has plenty of anti viral and anti bacterial properties. They can prevent one from bacterial and viral infections. They are also very much safe for children to consume them. So, when a kid is suffering from cough, these natural elements can be very effective.

When one is looking for an Ayurvedic cough syrup for a child, then they must look for one which has a lot of natural elements like Tulsi and honey. Tulsi does have a lot of medicinal properties and it can keep the bronchial tubes free from congestion. It can help to release the mucus naturally.

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