Nextgen or RXNT: Battle of Best Medical Billing Software  


If you’re seeking selection criteria for your medical practice, this article will be helpful. Learn more about Nextgen EMR and RXNT’s features, advantages, reviews, and pricing here to receive a thorough analysis for your convenience.  

About NextGen Healthcare?  

NextGen Healthcare, a healthcare solution, provides a variety of goods and services, including mobile solutions, financial services, analytics, and electronic health records (EHR). The tool is used, among other things, to simplify procedures in clinical care, financial management, clinical care, and population health.  

What is RXNTEHR?  

For medical enterprises of all sizes, RXNTEHR is a cloud-based, ONC-certified electronic health record solution that provides a comprehensive range of features. Networking Technology Inc. created this program, a well-known business for other products like RXNTPM, RXNT eRx, and RXNT Scheduler. The corporate headquarters are in Maryland, United States.  

The RXNT EMR software has a straightforward design that makes managing patient care more accessible. As a result of its thorough integration with the excellent practice management tool RXNTPM, it covers all medical practices at every stage of your journey. This robust platform includes a fully customizable patient interaction module, charting, electronic prescriptions, lab results, orders, etc.  

Feature comparison Nextgen Vs. RXNT EHR  

Overview of NextGen   

Your medical and financial processes might be more straightforward with NextGen Healthcare’s help. As the program handles other activities accurately and efficiently, healthcare personnel can concentrate more on delivering the finest care for their processes.  

Users can also personalize the drug information by modifying the formulary’s parameters. The formulary settings provide the following options: display chemical name, display just drug, display OTC Meds, and on the form only. Medical professionals can arrange patient records most practically by configuring the basic settings.  

Additionally, the platform offers the capability for laboratory services and referral management. A tool like this allows medical professionals to work together effectively and efficiently when providing patient care. Additionally, NextGen Healthcare offers a special feature that contains a program that includes reminders for maintaining good health and managing chronic diseases. 

The workflow screen is yet another feature. A view of clinical duties, appointments, and the clinical appointment queue are provided by this function. Users can create, alter, and reassign assignments on the workflow screen’s clinical task area. When users choose a specific task or the patient’s name, this section offers connections to information about the patient’s allergies, issues, diagnoses, and prescriptions. Users can examine booked appointments based on their resources regarding appointments, so they can see the schedules of the doctors and providers that work for their organization and the specific offices. This tool improves clinical and healthcare workflows, enabling users to deliver value-based treatment quickly.  

Overview of RXNT features  

The RXNTEHR provides every essential element needed to make operations for medical professionals more efficient.  

A fantastic feature that may be completely tailored to your unique practices is patient encounters. With this tool, you can choose between selecting one of the pre-loaded ONC-certified specialty templates or creating your own explicitly tailored to your practice.  

The charting tool provides straightforward and effective processes that free you up to focus on your patients rather than messing around with complicated software. The Chartings are simple and will be well received by your personnel and the general public.  

Electronic Prescribing, which is fully integrated to optimize the workflow further, is an interesting additional feature. The functionality includes all the essential components needed for a simple prescription process.  

Lab Results and Orders will completely automate the paper-based lab service operations. This feature makes it simple to send orders and results online, replacing the manual method with a quicker and more efficient one.  

The patient Portal is another selling point for this platform. You may access the patient’s medical record quickly and intuitively with the help of these features, which also offer secure communication. This facilitates appointment scheduling and enhances patient security. Additionally, fully integrated and adaptable for more straightforward use is the Scheduler.  

Limitations Nextgen Vs. RXNTEHR 

The software’s restrictions are determined by user feedback. As a result, the NextGen System occasionally responds slowly, crashes, and freezes. In addition, setting up its credit card processing is challenging, and generic help responses call for escalation.  

Whereas RXNT software doesn’t support functional or integrated medicine, it eventually becomes a little slow.  

Pricing comparison Nextgen Vs. RXNTEHR  

The monthly price for a Nextgen EMR provider ranges from $299 to $549. Request a free demo from the vendor to learn more. This will make it simpler to select from a wide range of possibilities. Procurement of software is challenging.  

 RXNTEHR Low-cost, cloud-based software helps you get reimbursed quickly while enhancing the patient experience. Every RXNT product is included in the RXNT Full Suite platform, offering free regular system upgrades, premium internal support, and 24/7 cloud-based access. Full Suite With a single, flawlessly integrated software system, transforms your practice, and it consists of everything starting at $170 per provider every month. EHR Bundle is a simplified patient record management for all sizes and specialties. E-Prescribing and EHR Start at $100 per provider per month. PM Package Maximize revenue by running simpler, better business operations. Scheduling and billing. E-Prescribing and monthly provider fees start at $75. The most effective medicine prescription method is certified, simple, and inexpensive. EPCS and ERX. 650 dollars per provider per year.  

The price of NextGen Enterprise EHR is comparable to that of RXNT.  

What distinguishes Nextgen and RXNTEHR from one another?  

Nextgen and RXNTboth have a lot to offer. The support staff at Nextgen is open and knowledgeable, and they are available around the clock. Online chat assistance. The most cutting-edge EHR software is RXNT. Your patients will feel comfortable in contemporary clinics because of RXNT’s easy-to-use interface and Nextgen EHR’s complete feature set. Microsoft’s industry-leading enterprise resource management software is widely used. They have a successful track record and keep coming up with new ideas.  

Final thought! 

From patient engagement and clinical software to billing and health records, Nextgen EMR provides a comprehensive solution that may meet your demands. If you are interested in e-prescribing and mobile devices, RXNTis a superior choice. However, to understand both solutions thoroughly, we still advise you to watch the demo and read user reviews. 

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