Parental Control App – monitor your Kid’s Cell Phone Addiction

The 21st century is no less than digital work, with the internet being its lifeline. WWW has largely influenced us positively, but at the same time, associated threats have also increased at a proportionate rate. 

Besides the never-ending benefits, it has also resulted in unwanted worries for the parents, especially when their kids are obsessed with phones.

Not aware of the pros and cons of technology, several kids get exposed to unfiltered content, pornography, and raw adult information. In such scenarios, a parental control app can be used to restrict your kids’ exposure to technology. 

Unmonitored online activities have become one of the major concerns for parents nowadays. Let’s take a quick glance at what is cell phone addiction

What is cell phone addiction?

Smartphone addiction in the most straightforward means of overusing mobile phones. An addicted person will be in constant touch with social media sites, games, and other attractive applications. 

Excessive communication over calls or chats, spending an unusual time on a device, or using it while driving are the signs of phone addiction. 

It is also referred to as internet addiction disorder or problematic mobile use.

If your kid is preoccupied with mobile phone outrageously, it affects a child’s relationships and health and triggers anxiety when separated from their phones. 

To protect kids’ from gadget addiction, let us share the best available solution in the market – parental control app.

What is Parental Control App?

The parental control is a software to monitor kid’s cell phone addiction. The app protects your teens against online exposure. 

Parental control app enables you to keep an eye on your kid’s device. It shows which apps your kid is using, their screen time, trace locations, and perform many more functions.

The app supports you to restrict the child’s gadget without being intrusive.

There are various studies showing smartphone addiction of kid’s; a clear warning for parents!

According to The New York Times, half of the teenagers felt addicted to their devices, and 78 % checked their devices every hour.72% of teens felt pressurized to respond immediately to texts, notifications and social media messaging. 


Now, let us understand the importance of Parental Control App.

Benefits of Parental Control Program

  • Restrains Device Addiction:

With Parental Control software, you can restrict your kid’s digital performance on their devices. You can get distinct features like GPS, App Blocker, Call Blocker, and much more to protect kids from overuse of phones.

  • Controls threats of cybercrime :

While searching online, unknowingly teens plunge into child pornography, child grooming, sextortion, hacking, or similar harmful contents; parental control software puts a restriction on it.

  • Allows productive time with family:

When time spent on unnecessary or unwanted applications is reduced, it will provide room for human interaction, productive time with family, and builds a stronger relationship.

Kids will share their routines and can discuss their plan for projects, studies, or other activities.

  • Inspire to engage in other activities:

Parental control provides time to focus on kids other activities. They can explore new hobbies, play outdoor games, spends cheerful moments with pals and share their thoughts in spare hours.

 Post knowing the benefits, a question may arise – which is the best parental control software? 

Stop your worries! The quest ends at Bit Guardian Parental Control.

Know-how on Bit Guardian Parental Control App

According to its name, Bit Guardian Parental Control Guards your child’s digital tasks. It is a comprehensive application for Android users and is crafted in a sophisticated yet user-friendly manner.

This program is straightforward for parents and kids. It provides a unique feature of adding an infinite number of children.

With this software, you can set screen time, block apps, and callers.

Panic and SOS alert is the most prominent feature to receive a panic alert when your kid is in danger.

GPS featured GeoFencing enables to define a virtual location by marking the radius. If your child has a habit to over speed the vehicle, it can be controlled by the over speeding alert.

Kiosk mode creates a new launcher on the home screen of the child’s device, and only selected apps are permitted. 

Anti-theft will detect lost gadget with a GPS tracking facility and remotely factory reset the stolen device.

Safeguarding children from unnecessary use of electronic media is something that no parent can ignore. Thus, relying on an excellent parental control tool is inevitable. Bit Guardian Parental Control App aces in the child monitoring and parental control market and turns out to be the most trusted app by Android users.  

It is rightly coined, ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ Try Bit Guardian Parental Control App now and save your child forever!

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