Pokemon Black and White 101.


Pokemon comes in the next generation of Pokemon Black and White. Generation V has brought a number of new features to the series, including new Pokemon Actors that haven’t been translated yet. The fourth-generation ended at 493, but with the addition of the 5th generation, there are now 649 different Pokémon!

The new features are great, but you know any Pokemon fan should capture them all! With an additional 156 Pokémon, now is the time to train and prepare everyone, train them, and then fight other players around the world, or at least in your area.

Like all Pokemon games, Pokemon are black and white. You can go through the Legend (originally the second generation started with Ho-O and Logia). Pokemon Black owners will receive all-white silk, while Pokemon White owners will receive a full black serum. Additionally, both versions have Pokémon and can only be found in-game (excluding trade from the older version).

The game starts like any other Pokémon game. As an aspiring Pokémon trainer, you start from your hometown of the Nova Continent. You get 3 startups from grass, fire, and water. Each has strong evolutionary patterns. And continue your adventure to collect all the logos, attack the elite, and finally save the world!

Enough, let’s take a look at the new features of this game:

New cosmetic changes.

In addition to the new graphical look from the latest Pokemon game, you can also see big changes in combat. Now the whole battle is in motion, and you can see the process of attacking your enemy Pokémon. Now the battle is still in line, but the new action graphics are really worth taking a look at what people are watching.

Pock shifter.

Like Paul Park, Time Capsule, and Transfer Machine, it has Gen 5 capabilities that allow you to transform Pokémon into your game from the previous edition. Like Palm Park, you won’t be allowed to access it until you get to the National Decks, which means you’ve seen Innova Pokemon at least once. However, you can later use it as you see fit then get here.

Marine equipment

Like the fourth-generation Pocket PC, this Nifty device displays the time on the bottom screen of your DS, but the best part is that it is a portable multi-user device. You no longer need to go to the Pokémon Center to trade and fight with your friends. Plus, it gives you access to a dreamland where you’ll be inspired by Pokemon Sleep and an online environment where you can interact with other players.

Pokemon Global Connector

It’s like the fourth-generation World Trade Center. This tool allows you to trade Pokémon online with other players, and some new features allow you to randomly compete with players from all over the world. Now you have a way to deal with other problems that are not your online friends!

Pokemon Dream World.

This is a special place where you can submit your saved file to the Pokemon Black & White official website, where you can go and chat with other players. At the same time, you can catch a lot of Pokémon here, which are usually not found in the Nova area. So here you will find many trainers who have already completed the game.


By logging in with C-Gear, you can travel with friends in a specific area, where you can find Pokemon that are not actually the inhabitants of Unova. You and your friends can fight, fight and trade together for side challenges!

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