Practical Uses of Insight Into Medical History (EMR) Technology


Insight EMR software is a powerful, web-based EHR and Billing system designed by Clinician Solutions Corporation (CS). It offers integrated medical practice management and billing solutions that are well suited for outpatient rehabilitation centers. The system can manage various patient data at the level of the physician, such as appointment schedules, availability and authorization of medications, lab and imaging data, and physician history. Through Intuitive Electronic Health Record (IEMR) technology, patients can access information about their health from any location at any time. This EHR solution allows physicians and other staff members to utilize modern methods such as electronic medical billing and CPOE.

Medical billing and CPOE

The Insight EMR provides all the necessary functionality for an inpatient rehab facility’s complete management and care. The software includes a robust set of analytics tools, including a comprehensive patient database, comprehensive provider information, detailed patient treatment plans, skilled nursing insight, billing solutions, and comprehensive financial reporting. All these features make it ideal for the care of patients in a rehabilitation center. The system integrates seamlessly with the latest CRM software used in hospitals and other care facilities.

The Insight EMR allows therapists to access appointment details, discharge summaries, and appointment reminders through a secure, web-based portal in an outpatient setting. This application also offers therapists detailed reports on treatment success and allows them to view previous treatment sessions. Therapists can use this system in different locations without requiring knowledge of the local technology infrastructure. This web-based application is convenient for therapists and other caregivers who need to access patient data while travelling conveniently.

Web-based EHR solution

This innovative web-based EHR solution offers benefits beyond its value to physicians, surgeons, and clinicians. Service providers such as home health agencies, long-term care centers, and rehabilitation centers can benefit from the software’s features. Service providers can create and maintain individualized patient accounts through a billing platform that connects an EMR to a billing server. The integration allows them to generate treatment and reimbursement documents as per specific guidelines provided by their health plan.

This innovative software solution allows service providers to create multiple databases that store treatment data such as demographics, case history, diagnoses, and treatments. The customization of the Insight EMR also allows providers to manage both standard and specialty reports and to apply custom reports to specific patient cases. A customized insight dashboard provides comprehensive reporting about care, along with summary reports on cost containment strategies. Custom reports can be further customized with patient diagnosis codes, diagnostic imaging results, treatment outcomes, physician assignments, and outcomes of special needs and Medicaid populations.

Customizable insight application

Using this customizable insight application, a psychiatrist or psychotherapist can estimate the cost of care for a patient with a range of possible diagnoses. By utilizing custom snapshots along with complete information about the patient’s demographics and past treatment history, the accuracy of the total cost of care can be calculated. This provides quick feedback regarding efficiency improvements within the organization and can allow urgent care physicians to respond quickly to patients in need of urgent care. By using insight diagnostics and customized snapshots, a psychiatrist or psychotherapist can see exactly where service interruptions result in significant cost increases and suggest corrective actions. In addition to identifying service interruptions at the front end, this insight can help make permanent changes to how care is delivered so that the greatest possible benefits are achieved.

To maximize the benefits of the Insight EMR, a psychiatrist or psychotherapist needs to have access to a secure, centralized server. Remote practice servers and telecommunication voice networks will not allow clinicians to take full advantage of the benefits of a clinically designed insight platform. This means that some practices may not be able to take advantage of the full benefits of a customized Insight EMR, especially in light of the high level of access required for secure data transmission. The security safeguards necessary to protect confidential medical records prevent remote practice servers and telecommunications voice networks from leaking important data. However, some telecommunication providers can offer secure data transfers over the Internet, making it easier for therapists to use insight diagnostics and other communication tools while still staying connected to a secure remote data network.

Psychotherapists treating patients

In general, psychotherapists treating patients with acute mental health illnesses are best served by EMR integration with a clinical specialties provider. However, the benefits of EMR integration with an outpatient service vary significantly depending upon the nature of the patient’s problem. In cases of acute mental health problems, the information provided by an Insight EMR should include specific details about the disorder and any other co-morbid conditions the patient is suffering from. In instances of more severe co-occurring conditions, the data should also indicate how these conditions affect the patient. Often, these details can only be gotten by referring the patient to physical therapy, orthopedic, a neurological, or pulmonary specialist who is trained in the management of co-occurring conditions and will provide the needed information.


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