Pursue a Degree from the Top msc renewable energy colleges in haryana


This program has been uniquely designed to provide you with a detailed knowledge of all major renewable energy sources and the engineering skills associated with them to make a successful career out of them, including geothermal, biomass, hydro, solar, marine, and wind. In addition, there are courses at msc renewable energy colleges in haryana covering legislative, planning, and economic considerations associated with renewable energy, and the integration of renewable energy into the grid.

The course included in this degree program at the best msc renewable energy part time colleges in gurugram cover both the theoretical knowledge and advanced technical skills in demand from this ever-evolving sector. Teaching is by a highly professional and specialist staff drawn from our engineering school as well as from the energy industry, to ensure that students are exposed to the latest developments and future needs of the renewable energy industry.

One of the main features of this degree program is its interdisciplinary nature, being suitable for students with mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, and other suitable engineering backgrounds. The degree course is also open to students with other relevant science backgrounds, including Physics, Chemistry, and Applied Math in special cases.

Amity University Gurugram is known as one of the top msc renewable Energy colleges in Haryana andis a major center of research and innovation in every aspect of the offshore oil and gas industry. Non-hydrocarbon-based energy has grown significantly, mainly due to the large talent pool of energy engineers and scientists based in India and abroad. The country is quickly developing as a major hub for renewable energy.

Reasons to get a Masters Degree in Renewable Energy    

This program gives a much broader learning experience than other renewable M.Sc. programs and provides you with an overview of the engineering and technological requirements of a range of renewable energy sources when you get this degree from the best msc Renewable Energy colleges in Haryana. Vital, broader engineering skills are taught and practiced in areas such as safety. New laboratory experiences are available in solar energy, hydroelectric energy, and anaerobic digestion. The legal and economical side of renewable projects is also completely covered.

To ensure that the degree programs remain current and connected to industry, it is developed and reviewed by an Industry Advisory Board, made up of experienced professionals. Our close links with industry ensure that students experience lectures taught by industry professionals, attend industry events, get the chance to visit relevant organizations and undertake M.Sc. projects with leading firms.

This degree program attracts students from around the world, all sharing a very common interest and passion for renewable energy. This close-knit global community works together and works hard across major projects, enhancing your learning experience.


At the Amity University Gurugram students can access the expertise that sits within this Institute. Engage with research-active staff and learn more about the renewable energy projects that are currently being worked on by a range of our research experts. You will be taught by, and engaged with a truly outstanding team of engineering staff. Altogether, they bring an incredible level of industrial experience and academic expertise from working on major projects around the world.

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