Recyclers – How to Enhance Your Smoking Experience


In the food service industry, Recyclers are responsible for sorting and then purifying raw products such as grains, pasta, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, poultry etc. before they reach the customer. In this process, there are two types of Recyclers namely the first is the closed system and the other is the open system. In the first type, the raw materials are held in the stock room, whereas the latter does not hold any raw materials. The main difference between the two systems is that in the closed system there is no need for a vacuum or any form of filtration.

Many types of Recyclers:

There are many types of Recyclers available in the market. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The two most common Recyclers are the screw and the bong recyclers. In the bong type, the recycler includes a tank where the liquid is stored while it feeds through pipe to the collection area. The collection area is usually located at the front of the kitchen and is accessed through a clear or pink door.

Screw type of Recyclers:

In the screw type of Recyclers, there are no filtering or disinfecting tanks. Instead the materials are fed through a cooling unit and then into the collection area. In this system, there is no need for water pipes or for air cooling. The materials simply pass through the pipe from the recycling unit into the collection area. However, when used in large scale projects like restaurants, this option may not be ideal since the pipe can get clogged with grease, oil, dust, etc.

Bongs and screw:

Both types of Recyclers include different types of Recyclers. For example, the bongs and the screw types contain dabs of lime, chalk dust and a few drops of ammonia. These dabs of lime are used to draw the customer’s attention to their product or to keep the customers away from other smoking venues. For the purposes of smoking indoors, these dabs must be non-toxic. The bongs and the screw dabs are also placed in small cylinders attached to the pipe sections.


The concentrates are much stronger than the dabs. They are not only sprayed onto the cigarette but must be allowed to sit for a couple of minutes. After which, they must be wiped away in small wet rags. The recyclers differ in that they do not use the concentrated material but instead the concentrate is applied to paper towels before they are passed through a squeegee. This ensures that the concentrated material does not seep into the paper towels.

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Advantages of Recyclers:

The two types of recyclers – the screw and the bong type – have their own advantages. For instance, the bong is portable whereas the screw is stationary. But with the advancement in technology, the screw dab concentrates are now available on the market. This makes it possible for the user to choose the best dab rigs. The best dab rigs are those that give you maximum satisfaction and are easy to handle.

Cigarette lighter fluid:

There are different kinds of cigarette lighter fluid available. The best dab rigs are those which do not seep into the skin during the session. Also the lighter fluid is used to add fragrance to the dabs, thus giving an aromatic smoke. Another important aspect is that the recyclers give you the freedom to light other things like matches and lighters without inhaling any of the smoke. The best dab rigs ensure that all the smoke that is inhaled is breathed out as fresh air.


One important factor to consider is that the Recyclers rigs must be able to give you a good nicotine relief and a longer smoking experience. It should also help in controlling the flow of air in the cigarette chamber. You can read more about them on internet. The other factors which you need to consider are that the chamber must be capable of holding air for sufficient duration so that you can enjoy your smoking experience.

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