Resolve QuickBooks Error 6190 with these simple steps


Are you facing problems with QuickBooks? And it gets you frustrated every single time you

try to open the file. Don’t worry you’re at the right place to figure out what the issue is about. 

What causes it and how to solve the error which occurs due to this.

“QuickBooks was unable to open the file on the host computer,” according to QuickBooks error -6190-816. This indicates that the file is not available. Let us attempt to learn more about this mistake and its remedies through this post.

What is QuickBooks Error 6190?

This company file cannot be opened by QuickBooks. It’s possible that it was opened by someone else. You should request that the user switches to multi-user mode so that you may both work on the same corporate file. The file might possibly be in a network folder that is read-only. If this is the case, request that your system administrator makes the file accessible.

The QuickBooks Error 6190 816 implies that when “another user is signed into a business file in a single-user mode,” this error message plainly indicates that the company file will not open. Users can try to solve the issue by requesting that the user change from single user to multi-user mode. If this doesn’t work, keep reading the blog to learn more about the mistake and possible remedies.

Common Causes of Error -6190

There can be a few reasons for QuickBooks Error 6190. Let’s look at them in brief.

  1. Update Failure

One reason behind the QuickBooks error 6190, -816 is the Update failure. If your company file is updated on a different device and the transaction is not updated to the mark, there is a possibility that the error -6190, 816 will appear.

  1. Your Company File has no match with the existing transaction log file

A transaction log file is data that automatically saves a summary of the company’s transactions. It’s saved under the name [business file name]. QBW.tlg is a text file. You are unable to open it in order to convert it to a Company data file (QBW). As a result, QuickBooks displays errors 6190,-816 when the “QBW” file does not match the connected “TLG” file.

  1. Single User Mode

Another cause of this issue might be because the different user is using Single User Mode to access the business data. QuickBooks may be utilized by a single or several users, each with its own set of rights. The most noteworthy limitation of QuickBooks Single User Mode is that users cannot disable QuickBooks Manager.

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Methods to Resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 6190 816

Make sure you’re signed in as an administrator on your Windows PC before investigating the issue; if you aren’t, right-click the QuickBooks Desktop symbol and choose Run as Administrator to access QuickBooks as an administrator.

Solution 1: Rename QuickBooks File

Assure that you’re working on the same device as the corporate file was stored. After that, you must rename the files. There will be no data damage. You may rename the file by following these moves:

  • Firstly, you must open the company folder.
  • The name of the transaction log file and the company file will be identical, but the extensions will be different. The name of a corporate file, for instance, will be qbw.nd, as well as a transaction log file called qbw.tlg. You must choose the corporate file from those two. The only challenging element of renaming the file is that.
  • Once you’ve discovered the business file, right-click it and choose “Rename.” Add “-OLD” to the end of any existing name or create a new one.
  • Make sure not to remove the extension or the “.qbw.nd” at the end.
  • Rename the transaction log file in the same fashion, but without the extension.
  • Now is the time to exit the system.
  • Open QuickBooks and try to log in using your username and password.

Solution 2: Use QuickBooks Tool Hub to function Quick Fix My program Tool

Quick Remedy My Program is a utility that enables you easily renew and re-join your QuickBooks Desktop installation, as well as improve basic application difficulties like QuickBooks error 6190. To launch Quick Fix My Program Tool, follow the steps below to install QuickBooks Tool Hub:

  • To install, tap on Here.
  • Click twice on the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file from downloads.
  • After the installation is completed, you must shut all open programs running on your device.
  • Make use of the desktop symbol to function Tool Hub and move ahead to the Program Problem.
  • Now finally attempt to open the company file again.

Solution 3: The Server and Computers must be restarted in the Network

When complicated fixing fails, a simple restart might perform miracles. The steps below will guide you through restarting both the server and the workstation PC in order to resolve error number 6190.

  • Restart the server that is hosting the corporate file.
  • Restart all workstations linked to the network now.
  • First, open QuickBooks on the server, then on the workstations.
  • If you’re still seeing error message 6190 in QuickBooks, go ahead and relocate the business file to local storage.

Winding Up!

I hope the solutions in this post will assist you in resolving QuickBooks issue -6190 and restoring your lost data. Retain that standard approaches may work in short error scenarios, but it’s recommended to utilize specialist software for QuickBooks file repair and recovery in cases of significant issues.

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