Security Cameras

Once you have decided to install home security, a security camera may be a good call.

Thieves and home burglars tend to avoid residences with a front door camera, so you can stop being a target and if they try to open your door, they will be long gone before you even know you were a victim.

Keep your home fully monitored to know what is happening outside or even keep an eye on what is happening in your home when you are not there, this can be fairly simple with the correct camera system.

Before hiring a company for your camera security installation, we advise you to plan and list your needs.

For example, if you need a home security camera you have to decide about how many stations you will get installed, just a front door camera? Maybe more stations inside? If it is an official security camera, maybe just one or two stations will be enough.

In the past, cameras required a complicated installation process, with lots of cables, etc.

Nowadays, with crazy advances in technology, 2 different types of cameras have become popular:

  • A wireless camera is connected to a power source, but it offers the convenience and flexibility of a wireless system, we can use it through mobile phones and work from distance.
  • A wire-free security camera uses a wi-fi connection, a wireless power source like a battery, totally unconnected to any wires.

Why you should choose a wired security camera:

Because it is the most reliable connection option and you won’t have to worry about any connectivity issues.

Only choose a wireless security camera if you have a really strong wi-fi network, if you have an indoor or two then wireless cam will attend you.

Besides the different types of technology, there are different types of cameras, your specialized company can install a “bullet camera”- very small and cylindrical or a “dome camera”- slightly bigger than bullet cameras but with more camera coverage.

Finally, a hidden camera can be tiny and specifically designed to look like something else and not a camera.

At the end of the day, quality and resolution are critical for picking your new camera. You just can’t afford to have a camera that recorded your image so badly that you can’t even identify people in the video.

Recording capability is another important aspect you may want to check. There are so many options available to store your footage, using memory cards is the most affordable option.

We can easily find a wide range of camera options on the internet, some with a very low cost, but when you buy it a DIY installation will be required.

By choosing these options, you are waiving your rights of any technical support. This is why we strongly recommend asking for professional help.

These companies always offer a monitoring service under monthly or annual fees.

Always do some research and choose the best camera company to help you with your security system.

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