Shampoo Your Hair to Fight Dandruff

Many people call dandruff a hair condition and some call it a disease. No matter what you call dandruff, it can become a real problem for you if it stays consistent. All individuals go through some sort of dandruff in their life and that is okay. But if you have extensive dandruff that too persistently then you have to do something about it. You have to pick products that are safe for you.

You can use the Best dandruff control shampoo in India and make sure that your dandruff problem eradicates. You cannot take up dandruff all the time.  Underlined by an itchy, annoyed scalp and the obvious flakes that get along with it, you know dandruff exactly by sight. In medical term, dandruff is called seborrheic dermatitis, and it is a kind of inflammation of the skin that is linked with greasy or oily scales.  While dandruff most often affects your head and scalp, it can even take place on the eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, on and around your nose, the ears and at times even behind the ears. And whether you believe it or not, in men even the beard can get affected.

Estimates can differ, but between ten and fifty per cent of the population experience and develop dandruff at some point in their lifetime. But what is it really, what triggers it, and what can you really do to grip it? Well, there are many things that you can do to ensure that your hair is free from dandruff. The specific yeast that is a type of fungus linked with dandruff is known as Malassezia.   The skin is covered with thousands of bacteria,” says Hay, and for the maximum part, these are inoffensive. In some people, though, the Malassezia yeast can generate enzymes that annoy the skin by either ripping it of its natural fats or by activating the immune system that then develops a proactive response. These two together are likely part and parcel of what you have known as dandruff.

Stress and tension                         

It has also been seen that many people who are always stressed and tensed experience a lot of dandruff. And even dandruff gets attracted towards stressed and tensed people.  You cannot simply take stress or tension that leads to extensive dandruff. Dandruff is something that comes in abundance if you tense a lot. Perhaps that is the reason often doctors and even dermatologist say that you should not tense yourself much. Tension not just hampers your health but also triggers dandruff.

Moreover, if you are not washing your hair at least twice a week, you might end up with dandruff. Dandruff emerges in your hair or scalp when you don’t wash it. You have to make sure that your hair and scalp stay clean and hygienic.  You can start using Ketomac shampoo once you know that you have developed some sort of dandruff. If you use this shampoo that too for washing then makes sure that you wash your hair regularly. If you are washing your hair once or twice in a month and you think that your shampoo would do wonders then be cautious. You have to use it at least twice a week.


Thus, dandruff is something that can make your hair and scalp look dirty and feel irritable. Start using the right shampoo and eradicate the issue right away.

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