Side effects of hair growth drugs for Dummies


If most people experiencemale baldnessandloss of hairin the early stages it is common for them to takeoral hair growth drugsorapplyexternaldrugs for hair growthto treat them as soonaspossible.When the loss of hairbecomes more serious the majority of people will decideto seekingtreatment.Professionally-trained treatment options,such as hair growth treatmentsand surgical hair transplantation.In reality, the treatmentoption to choose depends onvarious factors, includingthe reason for the loss of hair or scalp conditions, as well as therange of hair loss. Ifyou’re trying toresolve the issue of hair loss, let’s take a lookin this article to informyou the two most commonly usedmethods-“hairhair growth therapy”along with” 植髮明星 ” “The advantages, disadvantages, and side effects, so as to find the most suitable treatment for you!”

Oralhair growth medication

Theprincipal ingredients of  生髮藥副作用 the market are male hormone inhibitors. By inhibiting male hormones, it reduces the production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that can damage hair follicles, which helps protect hair follicles and solve the problem of hair loss.

1. Advantages:

The primary cause ofandrogeneticbaldness lies inthe excessiveDHT male hormonesinthe body orally, hair growth supplementswhich inhibitDHTsignificantlyon all androgenetic alopecia concernsandmay solve the problemfrom the root cause.

2. Disadvantages:

Thereis no therapeutic resulton hair loss due tovarious other causes such asthe genetics of stress, stress, diseases or other conditions. Once thehair folliclesget damaged byDHT,thereare no means to recoverorreturn to thehair. Evenafter taking oral hair-growthmedication, it could reducetheproductionof DHTinthe body. It is able to stopall healthy hair hair folliclesfrombeing destroyed. Itis impossible to attainthe true”hair growth” and treatment.Therefore, oral growthdrugs can only slow downthe decline of thehair lossproblem however, they cannot provide true”hair growth” and “hair loss treatment”.

3. Side effects:

Women and children who are pregnantare not advised to takethe oral growth agents or else it could triggerbirth defects and abnormal growth.Male users may experience reducedtestosterone and decreased erectile functionsthroughout the course however, they will graduallybe back to normal after stoppingthedrug.

Topicalgrowth hair drugs

By expanding theblood vesselsinthe scalp by opening potassium-ion channeltreatments are employed to supplyincreased oxygen and nutrientsthehair follicles. This helps in promotinghair follicles that are in theinactive phase to the growthphase.

1. Advantages:

The usage is convenientandsimple The cost isreasonable.The total side effectsareconsiderably less than thoseof oral hair-growth drugs.

2. Disadvantages:

The topical hair restorer mayboost and acceleratethegrowth of hairhowever it does not block theDHTinthe body, meaningthat it does not protecthair folliclesto prevent damage.It is possible that you will notice obviousgrowing effects in your hair atthestart of usingan topical restorer for hair,but this is onlya temporary solution,but not a solution that lasts forever.Method: If you onlyapply topical hair growthmedicines without any other treatmentsit is possible thatthe ideal treatment periodwill be delayed , andtheproblem of losing hairgetsmoreserious.

3. Side effects:

生髮偏方 must be applied directlytothe scalpwhere hair lossoccurs.Pay attention to whetheringredients will cause skin sensitivity.If severe redness, irritationand swelling are noticed it is recommended to stop usingtopically applied hair tonics.

Hair transplant surgery

Following surgery, thehair folliclesin the backocciput are transferred to thehighest point of your headandforeheadandother areas affected by hair loss.Following the hair transplant surgeryis completed, hairfollicles will regenerate healthy hair.

1. Advantages:

SinceDHTcan only damagehair folliclesfound on the upperof thehead as well as the forehead, the hair follicles transplantedfrom the backocciput willrenew healthy hairandthe effect can bekept for the rest of time.It is not necessarytoworry about losing hairagain after the operation.

2. Disadvantages:

You need to waitfor 6 to 12 months aftertheprocedure for hair transplants tobe able to seethe finaloutcomes.

3. Side effects:

Hair transplant surgerywill createsome small cuts or wounds intheprocedure, andthere is a time frame for recoveryessential.

Hair transplant center recommendation

Theabove several treatments forhair losshave their advantages, disadvantages and side effects.But, hairtransplant surgery isthe only optionto completely addresstheissue of hair loss andbe sustained for a long time.Patients lookingtoovercomethe problem of hair lossare advised to consult a professionalandreliable Hair transplant centersto receivetreatment.

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