Simple home decor ideas for 1bhk flats for beautiful transformations


Your home is your creative space. Whether you live in a 2 BHK or 1 BHK, decorating your home decor is the ideal way to give expression to the artist inside you. Even though living in a 1 BHK does not provide the luxury of ample space, pools, and garden, there are a plethora of ways you can turn your 1 BHK flat in Malad into a small paradise. Read on to know more about the different home décor ideas that are simple, sensible, and practical that offer a cozy and vibrant look to your flat.

Paint your walls with light colours

Needless to say, 1 BHK flats have small rooms, but painting these rooms with darker shades will only make them appear smaller. On the other hand, using lighter shades of paint like white, light grey, pastel colours as well as shades of blue and pink can create the illusion of space in your home.

Choose curtains with light shades

If you like decorating your room, but running out of ideas in a 1 BHK flat, make sure that you are choosing curtains with simple stripes and patterns. Hanging lighter shade curtains allow natural light to spread everywhere as well as make the room appear spacious. Since lighter shade curtains have a positive vibe they are also used in bigger living places plus they add a touch of elegance to the entire home décor.

Fabricating furniture

You can also use lighter shades of laminates to resurface your home furniture. Furniture plays an important role in enhancing the overall home décor especially when you are living in luxurious apartments of Aarambh. Furniture laminates are also available in various textures that are particularly recommended for the interior decoration of homes with small spaces. Besides, you can buy an adjustable sofa that can be stretched to use as a bed at night. Therefore, you will be saving a lot of space at home without any hindrance. It is also advisable to buy colourful bean bags instead of big sofas as it not only contributes to the overall home décor, but also creates space in your living space.

Managing storage

If you’re buying 1 bhk in Malad East and worried about meeting your storage needs, consider vertical storage furniture for your home. Since buying wide storage furniture would only make it difficult to move around, innovative furniture from floor to ceiling offers convenient solutions to store items and utilise the space at home for other needs.

 Keep your home bright

Aspiring homeowners who look for affordable housing in Malad, generally choose 1 BHK flats as it meets their housing needs plus come under their budget. However, if you are wondering what lights should be suitable for your flat, choose small lamps as they are best for 1 BHK. Not only are they affordably priced, but they are also light and do not take all the space at home. Explore Moroccan or Chinese lamps that are known for spreading light evenly across the room. Also, they add an elegant touch to the interior decoration of your home.

So there you have it – the best ways to decorate your 1 BHK flat without going through much hassle. In short, every room deserves to be amazing and with the right ideas, you can make any room appear cozy, comfortable, and spacious Learn More

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