Some helpful Tips for online Gold Buyers


Gold is considered the most precious metal by a majority of the Indian population. Therefore, buying gold jewellery is not only an investment option, it is also a matter of prestige. Stocks are considered a risky investment and property requires high investment with low liquidity. Hence, investing in gold is simpler and more lucrative/ It is leading to the continuous rise in the gold rate per gram.

The increasing interest in gold investments has led to diverse online sources for buying and selling gold. In addition, buyers can buy gold without stepping out of their homes or offices leading to an increase in the number of online gold buyers

However, before you enter an online shop, here are the crucial tips for you to follow:

Do a Brief Background Check

Do not buy gold because you saw an appealing advertisement online. Instead, do a detailed background check. Search for the list of the best online gold websites and check the authenticity of each of them individually. Finally, compare which one is the best. Reading about the company from their official website – Know the age of the company, their history, and values – these reflect on their dealings with online gold buyers or sellers.

Read Online Reviews and Forums 

Do not stick to a single website while searching for reviews. Read from multiple sources. Read reviews online to judge how they treat the customers and the level of services they provide. Reach out to friends and family who have purchased gold recently. They can guide you in the right direction, making the process simpler and faster. 

Checkout the Processes they Adopt

It is a good idea to check out the process they follow. For example, if you want to sell gold instead of buying it, you want a more accurate weighing process. Additionally, you would want the cleaning process to be more scientific. Similarly, when buying gold, you need to check the weight, carat and more before making payments.  

Customer Service

This is another aspect to cross-check before buying gold from a particular website. Try to send emails to the mail ID provided or call their customer service number. This tells you how responsive they will be if you have any issue or problem in the coming years. As an online gold buyer, ensure that the certificate you are getting is from a trusted and authenticated body. 

Additional Charges

Find out if they are charging anything extra other than the gold rate per gram. These are known as hidden charges and many companies make it a point to reach out y

Description of their Storage Agreement

The gold that you purchase is usually stored in a vault. At the beginning of the purchase, while some websites do not have any storage charges, few websites have additional storage charges. And most of these websites start charging extra for storage after a distinct period of 3-5 years. Find out in detail about their storage policies and whether or not these policies suit your convenience. 

Withdrawal and Online Transaction Policies

If you think that there might come a situation in the future where you might physically want your purchased gold, check for those regarding policies now itself. Also, read all their terms and conditions regarding selling your purchased gold at any time you desire.


Making transactions from online gold buyers and sellers is more straightforward as you need not worry about the safety of your purchased gold. However, you have to worry about the amount of money you have for the investment and the gold rate per gram. It is the headache of the online gold company to store the gold in lockers until you want to sell it or need it physically. This is one of the reasons why the online process is considered to be more advantageous. However, remember to make use of the various checks that can be conducted via digital resources and be explicitly clear in research about the authenticity of your gold source.

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