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Most car owners and drivers do not know much about the steering and suspension systems of their cars. Stopping means using the front and rear goggles to prevent the car from “increasing” weight when talking about cars. Glasses used in cars and trucks today come in a variety of shapes, sizes, structures and strengths. These include leaf springs, spruce springs, wind springs and torque bars. They are used as squares for each vehicle, or they can be combined in different combinations and with different mounting techniques.

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The suspension system also includes vibration and / or thread and shake bars. In the early stages of car development, when most of the weight of the car (including the engine) is on the rear axle, the steering wheel is the one that rotates the front axle. As soon as the engine reached the front of the car, a complex steering system had to be developed. The modern car “has to go a long way” to satisfy the car owner. Improving suspension and steering wheels, increasing component strength and durability, and improving tire design and construction have all contributed to comfortable and safe driving.

The suspension system has two main functions: compression of the wheel and ensuring comfortable movement of passengers. Most of the work in the system is done with springs. Under normal circumstances, the springs keep the car body even, squeeze and restore movement up and down. However, this painful movement causes him to jump and move, causing great inconvenience to the passenger. Shock absorbers reduce these side effects.

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