Symptoms of jaundice


Jaundice is one of the most widespread and most heard diseases. It is not a long-term disease and can be cured with proper medication in a short period. But proper care has to be taken while a person is suffering from jaundice. Jaundice can lead to several other diseases and can have a very bad impact on the body. A person going through jaundice suffers a lot of weakness and it takes a long time for that person to gain strength again. Therefore, it is always advised to see a doctor whenever a person is having a high-pitched fever or is suffering from other symptoms that may lead to other serious problems. People have this habit of procrastinating things but serious problems like fever and other symptoms should not be neglected. We know, health is one of the most important aspects of human life.

The human body will be able to work if the internal system of the body is in good condition. Jaundice can be detected by a general human being when the white part of the eyes turns to be yellow because of the development of the high level of bilirubin. Jaundice treatment should be a priority whenever there are certain symptoms faced. The other symptoms of jaundice are listed below:- 

1.High fever

If any person is suffering from high fever, people take it as a symptom of flu which is quite normal or even a normal course of infection. But if this fever lasts longer than 2 to 3 days, the person is advised to see a doctor. Many other diseases like typhoid, malaria including jaundice show symptoms of high fever when a person is going through the initial days of such diseases.

2.Change in the pigmentation of the skin

The colour of the skin starts to change whenever a person is suffering from jaundice. The normal skin colour isn’t the same, the skin becomes pale and it becomes quite evident. If someone is going through such symptoms, it is certainly jaundice and a doctor should be seen as earliest as possible. Otherwise, the situation may become worse.

3.Variations in colour of urine

A normal human being urinates transparent coloured urine but if a person is going through jaundice or any other issue, the colour of the urine would become darker. This is also quite evident as the change in the colour of urine can be seen. Apart from the change in the colour of urine, the colour of the stool also changes. A person may also suffer through abdominal pain that may become swear with time if the doctor isn’t consulted in time. 

So, these are the certain symptoms that a person goes through while he is suffering from jaundice. It is not a severe kind of problem but the person suffering through this issue has to take proper medications and food to get back to his good health. The obstructive jaundice treatment can help a person to get back to his feet in a better way. 

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