Here’s How TeleMedicine is Beneficial for Everyone


With the evolution of telecommunication technology, the healthcare sector in India is also undergoing various changes. One of the most notable additions is the inclusion of telemedicine services in many reputed clinics and healthcare organizations. A part of the larger telehealth services, telemedicine, concerns offering quality healthcare to patients remotely.

How is telemedicine different from traditional consultations?

Telemedicine refers to a form of patient care where doctors use telecommunication technology to provide the necessary services. It means that your physician will connect with you over the phone or on video calls rather than meeting face to face. While tele health refers to a broader term, one can classify all telemedicine services as an important part of such healthcare.

The benefits of telemedicine are not restricted to the patient alone. Instead, physicians and practitioners also benefit from the same. 

Benefits of telemedicine for patients

Individuals who suffer from severe illnesses or disorders can greatly benefit from telemedicine services due to their convenient access. Here are some ways in which one can leverage such technology to ensure better healthcare quality – 


  • Patients do not need to commute to consult doctors


Severe illnesses or injuries can prevent one from traveling long distances to visit a physician. Telemedicine ensures that, in such a case, he/she is not devoid of quality medical care and treatment. Even when one is unable to visit, he/she can always schedule a video meeting with the primary physician, allowing for quicker recovery.


  • Reduces associated expenses


Since individuals no longer need to visit the clinic in person to consult with doctors, it will automatically cut down commute-related expenses. When such a thing happens, the patient can easily save a considerable amount, which they would have otherwise spent on fuel, clinic visit or any other infrastructure-related charges.


  • Limits chances of contracting diseases


Clinics are places where individuals of all ages need to visit. Some of them can be suffering from communicable conditions, which can spread to others present there. Thus, one is always under such a risk of affliction when going to consult the physician, especially an individual with a compromised immune system.

Tele health allows one to limit contact with others who may be suffering from such diseases. It eventually reduces one’s risk of infection as well.

Benefits of telemedicine for doctors

Physicians can also benefit extensively by adopting the telemedicine model. Here are some ways in which doctors and other healthcare providers can take advantage of this model of treatment – 


  • Improves revenue for clinics


Consultations over video calls and phone calls tend to be more efficient than in person. Thus, physicians can see more patients in a day using telemedicine than they would have otherwise. Thus, a streamlined consultation ensures increased revenue generation for the clinic in question.


  • Ensures better patient health outcomes


Telemedicine and tele health services, in general, integrate software and mobile applications into healthcare as well. These applications can reduce cases of non-compliance when it comes to recommended courses of treatment for a particular patient.

When an individual follows the prescribed routine and medications, he/she is bound to receive a better prognosis. This eventually improves the reputation of not only the primary physician but also of the healthcare organisation as a whole.


  • Convenient scheduling of appointments


Since doctors and patients can connect at any time and from anywhere, telemedicine allows for effective appointment scheduling. Some clinics can even offer extended consultations or connect with practitioners over the weekend. This flexibility is unavailable in conventional forms of therapy and visits. 

The points mentioned above show some of the ways in which telemedicine benefits healthcare providers as well as patients. However, the primary challenge for Indians seeking telemedicine services is its limited availability. Only the most high-end private hospitals offer the same to patients at present. 

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How to avail of the health card?

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