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Different types of gemstones are found in nature such as ruby, hessonite, pearl, emerald, diamond, blue sapphire, red coral, cat’s eye, etc. They are beautifully polished and made lustrous by the certified gemstone experts. People wear these lustrous gemstones as a pendant, earring, finger ring, etc. Before buying gemstones, the buyers should ensure that the gemstone is authentic. People can sell fake gemstones and yet demand higher charges. Based upon the shape, luster, color etc you can test the authenticity of the gemstones. You should know the best place to buy gemstone online. People usually wear gemstones because they are recommended by the expert astrologers. 

Wearing gemstones and its astrological significance

People usually meet an astrologer whenever they are experiencing any problem in life. They also meet an astrologer whenever they want to achieve something in life. The astrological recommends wearing gemstones based upon their astrological chart and also suggest some rituals, mantras, etc.  Your astrological chart consists of 12 houses and each house is governed by different planets. The planets are responsible for influencing our life and yielding results for any event, situation, etc. They are different forces endowing various strengths and energies to human beings. The astrologer views the position of every planet and analyzes if the planets are placed in stronger or weaker position.  If a person is undergoing any problem in life, they view the position of the planets, degrees, ascendant, moon and zodiac sign etc. Then, they analyze the root cause of the problem depending upon the following aspects. They suggest wearing gemstones to heal the problem of the planet. 

Red Coral

Red Coral is a gemstone suggested for people with weaker Mars position. It is also recommended for people whose sun is placed in Aries. The Mars planet endows energy, perseverance, determination, and power to reason logically. The best gemstone shop in Delhi features the best stones recommended by astrologers. 

Yellow Sapphire

The Yellow Sapphire is usually recommended for the people who are undergoing failure in examinations, career, or relationship. If the Jupiter is weakly placed in your natal chart or is not in a powerful position currently, then you obviously undergo failures. It is a planet that brings luck, fortune and prosperity. It also represents children and if you are not able to build a cordial relationship with your child, then you can wear this gemstone.


The Ruby represents the Lord Sun and is suitable for the people who lack self-esteem and confidence. Sun is a powerful element of the universe that shapes your personality. This gemstone can enhance your confidence level and make you energetic. 


It is a gemstone that represents Rahu (North Node) or the shadow planet. It usually brings hurdles and delays in your work if placed in a weaker position. If you have undergone sudden loss or an incident that is so disturbing, then this shadow planet is empowering you. So you should use the hessonite stone to reduce the impact of North Node. 

The astrologers suggest many other gemstones such as golden topaz, fire opal, ruby, and emerald depending upon the situations of your life. You can buy best gemstones from the best gemstone shop in Delhi.

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