The Best Stores to Buy Rakhi & Rakhi Gifts Online

Here in India, we’ve been celebrating Raksha Bandhan for years now. It’s a day where the bond between a brother and his sister is honoured symbolically by the gesture of tying a Rakhi. Like with every other Indian festival, a pooja is conducted before the official Rakhi tying ceremony. Here, all parties involved in the pooja, pray for each other’s well being and for the protection of all their loved ones. It is truly one of the most auspicious festivals to have come out of India.

But as I mentioned in the start, it’s been celebrated for a long time now. Which has resulted in some people running out of new options to choose from when it comes to their Raksha Bandhan shopping needs. Whether it’s Rakhi’s, gifts, chocolate boxes or pooja idols, people have seen it all and probably bought it all.

So how does one find something unique to buy for Raksha Bandhan? Well, you could head down to 100 different local stores and find something unique… or you can head online to one of the stores we’ve listed below and simply browse. No need to walk around, travel and bargain. It’s the 21st century isn’t it? So why not do everything online!

Anyway, the 3 stores listed below are 3 e-commerce sites that are your best bet for you buying something unique and affordable without running around town searching.

  1. Amazon India

You’ve all heard of “Amazon” and they really don’t need an introduction. However, what a few of you might not know, is the fact that Amazon too has a vast collection of Rakhi’s that it curates during the festive periods of Raksha Bandhan. Plus, it’s one of the most trusted online stores in general, so you can bet your delivery will be made safe and sound.

  1. Flipkart

Flipkart is another famous online store in India that sells pretty much everything. This includes a vast collection of Rakhi’s that is available during and before Raksha Bandhan. Like amazon, they too have a well trusted delivery network that can have products delivered bang on time without sustaining any damage during transport.


Unlike the e-commerce stores mentioned above, My Pooja Box is a dedicated online Rakhi store that deals in everything related religion, tradition and culture. The collection of Rakhi’s here is as large as any I’ve seen, and they have a vast number designer Rakhi’s available at affordable prices. One can even buy 24KT gold foil wrapped Rakhi’s for under Rs 600 which to me, sounds like a bargain. Plus, they even have unique Rakhi boxes to house and present your Rakhi in. These boxes have enough space to place your Rakhi, as well as any small gifts like chocolates and watches.

Anyway, the point is, if you need something unique and are in no mood to travel around searching and bargaining, visit any of the above stores and you will find more than what you’re looking for. So, shop away and have a fun and auspicious celebration this Raksha Bandhan.

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