The Best Types of Robotic Toys that Kids Love


There is no denying that the toys we used to play with when we were children are vastly different from the toys that are popular now. With the rapid advancement of technology, it can be quite difficult to navigate what kind of toys kids might want nowadays.  One of the best things that kids love today is robotic toys. Amidst the various options ranging from remote control robot cars to action figures, it’s nearly impossible to choose good toys that they would enjoy. However, we would want to make our nephews, nieces, or grandkids happy. We might be able to guide you towards the perfect gift!

1.          Robot Cars-

Remote-controlled cars are loved by many but they are becoming a thing of the past. Especially with the emergence of Bluetooth-controlled robots. These cars can connect with the Bluetooth of any cellular device and kids can drive the car on their phones. These smart cars have AI that recognizes directions given to them from the phone. If you’re giving a gift to a pre-teen who’s interested in technology and robotics, you can get them a kit of which they have to assemble themselves to make a Bluetooth car. These types of toys are abundantly available online and they can both learn and have fun at the same time.

2.          Smart Robot-

A toy’s main purpose is to keep your kids entertained and smart robot toys can do exactly that. These kinds of toys are not only remote controlled but also recognize gestures. With a simple specific hand movement, kids can instruct the robot to go front, back, left, right, or stop completely. This robot can also be programmed to make different movements and has the ability to speak. These kinds of toys act as a companion for kids for when you are busy.

3.          Song and Dance Robot-

If you have a kid who likes music and beats, you can get them these Bluetooth-controlled robots that can dance. They are connected to any device and the integrated speakers can play songs chosen from the device. The robot recognizes beats in a song and dances on the beat. It is rechargeable through a USB and has a working distance of 5m away from the Bluetooth device. This extremely engaging toy will immensely entertain your kids and make them happy. These toys can also be used to help a child sleep if a soft lullaby is played.

4.          Interactive Poster-

If your child is starting to learn their alphabets and numbers, you can get them an interactive poster. These toys are fun and educational at the same time. The poster has all ABCs and numbers printed and has buttons that can make it sing, spell, repeat letters, etc. These often have kids’ songs inside which helps the kid learn while having fun.

Most robot toys are extremely educational and engaging. As life is becoming busier, people are realizing the importance of having fun from the very childhood and integrating that aspect into learning. Getting kids toys that capture their interests makes them extremely happy and these kinds of toys are bound to do exactly that.

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