The Best Video Downloading Apps on Android Platform


Google is not expected to support YouTube videos on its gallery. There are so such apps that go on to support the downloading of YouTube videos because it violates the core policy of YouTube. But there are main third party apps that enable you to download YouTube videos on to you device directly. Let us now go through some of the popular third-party apps for downloading YouTube videos


This app promises no ads, no direct video links, and dark mode and provides a great option. This app does have a set of core functionalities as UI is the default YouTube app that provides the options of direct download. In order to use this app, there is no need for direct access. In fact, the app has an inbuilt setting that allows you to specify the download limit, speed limit or even the path of download. Just you have to download, install the app and then open it. Then you have to download the APK file in order to enjoy the app. All set to go and enjoy the app.

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This is a popular video downloading app on the Android app that allows you to download videos or music from close to 100 websites. It is possible to save the audio and video files directly on to your storage device where you have an option to choose the resolution and even the format of the video. This app goes on to rely on an advanced downloader engine that enables you to save files at great speeds. A notable feature of this app is that there is no compromise on the speed front even if you go multiple downloads. The interface of the app is simple with a number of customizable features. Even it supports HD and 4 K downloads. Even it is light in weight and does not occupy a lot of space.


The list cannot be over without the mention of the TubeMate app. For the Android app, this is one of the popular video downloading apps. This app does possess a lot of features like pause or video resumes, inbuilt player and multiple downloads. Not only is it going to help you download videos from YouTube but even from a host of other video downloading sites. Even it is possible to download various videos together as you can change the preferred location of storage.


This app is a combo of TubeMate and Snaptube. In this app, there is a major browser along with all the features that is required by a video downloading an app. The UI is easy and initiative. The video can be played online or you can watch them at your leisure. Even the videos can be downloaded in various resolutions. There are virtually many features of this app like TV and Video show that really deserves a special mention. For downloading movies along with songs this is one of the most popular and versatile apps. So opt for Vidmate download at the earliest.

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