The Differences of A MIM and A MBA

MIM stands for masters in management and a course in MBA is something that most of us are aware. Coming to the question of a MIM vs MBA they are courses that the students could end up choosing at primitive stages of their career. In the midst of this in the last few years the MIM has gone on to gain considerable popularity.

The concept of MBA came into prominence around 100 years back in Harvard, whereas the MIM emerged in the last 20 years or so. If you analyse the differences both of the cover principles of business and a wide array of business topics. But keep in mind that the MBA is designed for the students with a few years of experience. The course of MBA is designed more in terms of career development or someone who is exploring possibility of a change. Even the MIM is for someone for them to kick start their career with less or little degree of work experience. It could be fresh out of college or some form of an under graduate degree.

The MIM goes on to attract the younger candidates as compared to the older candidates who opt for an MBA. Even the MIM candidates are mostly in the early 20’s . The course does not go on to touch a lot upon the concept of work experience but still the process of application is on similar lines like a MBA. But to secure admission to the courses you need to sit for a GRE or a GMAT exam.

The career prospects

With the help of MIM it does help the pre- experience candidates to be kick starting their career. Hence there is a need for a solid foundation and take into consideration the global trend of the business. Mostly the MIM candidates are looking for an entry level position whereas a MBA candidate is more centric towards higher level positions. Even if you have gone on to pursue an MBA you might attract greater salaries as this could be due to previous work experience.

MIM candidates go on to secure admission in Asia- Pacific or Europe as they are going to have a definite advantage before they seek admission in a country like US as the employees are going to gain a fair recognition in such areas. There could be a change in scenario as MIM might become popular among the global candidates as compared to the MIM programs that is offered in US or other countries.

Just like the MBA candidates is an option to be studying online and work at the same time . Even a full time MBA is not going to be a bad option at all. For the matter of fact pursuing a career in MIM presents a gateway of opportunities when it is the case of leading multinationals. The concept is clear cut if you pursue a MIM it is not going to prevent you from availing a MBA at a later stage.

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