The Magic of Enterprise Experience Strategy


With the advent of technology, we witness our lives changing every moment each day. Technology today works no less than magic for people in their daily lives. Thanks to technology, services are readily available to be provided to millions of people across the globe at their doorsteps. 

Using this very technology that dominates every nook and corner of the world today, be it the biggest or the smallest business, all of them are building their enterprise strategies using it.

The Magic of Technology

To understand this concept in a broader sense, let’s frame an example of a corporate in the best- selling books: The Harry Porter Series.

Just like the main character of the books, Harry Porter was struggling in his life before he went to the magical academy ‘Hogwarts’. Similarly, there existed a corporate organization, which was fighting against all odds to survive in the market. 

The business was at an all-time low, the stock prices were decreasing and the rates of order fulfillment were not being met. It was all happening because there was no strategy to maintain the supply chain and to lure the customers to be a part of the business.

Just like the villain of the series Voldemort was not letting Harry live. Similarly, the competition in the market was so tough that the company was finding it hard to survive amongst the others. 

What comes to the rescue of that enterprise is an intelligent enterprise. With its three magical powers- the intelligent suite, intelligent technology, and digital platform, it saved the organization from going out of business.

Artificial Intelligence and Business Growth

Using this example in a real-life situation, the power of intelligence suite gets one the opportunity to work seamlessly across different types of multiple business platforms. Intelligence technology functions as the brain for an organization. They use artificial intelligence, translation services, blockchain, etc. to maintain the business. 

The digital platform at last functions as the foundation of the whole business accompanied by a cloud platform and data management techniques. But what functions as the most important factor along with these three, is the skill of experience management. 

Experience management is a powerful force that functions as the binding factor amongst these three powers mentioned above. It will make sure that these skills are being used in their independent ways, but are synchronous with each other. 

When all these factors combine in one, any organization, be it a small enterprise or big businesses making millions of turnover each month, all of them function holistically and in harmony. The three factors, intelligence suite, intelligent technology, and data management function as operational factors. 

These three combined with experience management leads to the digital transformation of the organization. This not only results in New Year revenue streams but also a simplified business process carried across different platforms.

Other Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Along with it, the business enterprise can give its users the best experience. This helps to establish a good communication channel with them, which provides them with continuous feedback. 

This helps them to improve their standard of doing business and they focus on what are the needs of the clients. The user is satisfied with the services being provided to him and in turn, the business earns the loyalty of its customers.

So just like our hero in the books, Harry Potter fights against all the evils and the villain in the book, he manages to grab a happy ending for himself. In the same way, using technology intelligently is very important to run a business today.


What works like magic that helps businesses to grow is how well they are managing their operational data and combining it with the skill of experience management. Any business that knows the power of these two factors is known to the fact that these two factors alone as the core of a successful enterprise. 

So, the next time, when you are pondering upon the idea of designing a business strategy that works like a miracle, remember that the enterprise experience accompanied by the operational data is the magic remedy for taking any business to a new height.

Pooja sharma

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