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Ayurveda is a known option to treat the body in case of any disease since ages. Though there is no confirm period and name who invented this methodology to treat the human body, it is said that sages in ancient India have practised it and over a period this way of treatment is developed. There are many other options in the market to treat the human body counter various diseases and among all the allopathy has got wide options and acceptance. Here one must know that allopathy has options for treatment, but they are not free from the side effects while the Ayurveda options are completely innocent and do not cause any damage to the body in any way.

The use of Ayurveda is much popular among those who love to keep the body free from chemicals and use natural ingredients to cure the common diseases that may be causing troubles. In the Ayurveda, the use of herbs and branches as well as roots of various trees and plants can help the user get the disease cured in a natural way. There are ample options available in the market which can help the user to get the right option as per the Ayurveda also. The makers of all ayurvedic products keep the quality intact which can offer the best results to the users.

Following are the ayurvedic products in India that are popular and prove helpful that can be used by the users in routine and get the best options for the concerned disease. Here are a few of the products that are popular among the users in routine life. These products are made traditionally by the makers even today. Following are the products that are commonly used in society not only in India but also in foreign countries.

Tulsi: Tulsi is considered much pious in the books of Ayurveda. Due to its qualities only it is also considered as a motherly herb that can cure a number of diseases. It helps one to counter cough and cold, problems related to the digestive system and breathing system, hair and skin, as well as eyesight. One can use the juice of leaves of this plant or even chew the raw leaves to get the benefits. It is a plant that many times also grows naturally and does not need any special treatment also.

Shikakai: Those who suffer from hair fall and hair growth problem, there can be no better option than using shikakai. One can find it available in any grocery shop as well as online stores. There are many companies that offer various soaps and shampoos which are made mixing the ingredients of shikakai only.

Shankhapushpi: This ancient option is much helpful to cure diseases related to the brain. It has ingredients that can create positive effects on the neurons and hence can help to have a healthy mind. It can be availed in the form of syrup in the market which can help one to have improved memory and sharp mind that can help to conquer routine challenges.

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