Things to Consider When Choosing Your Event Venue

While organizing a seminar you need to consider many decisions. Choosing a venue is the one decision that will have a great impact on the seminar you are going to conduct. The date of the seminar catering options and attendees’ pleasant experiences – all these factors affect the venue.

Mentioned below are some of the guidelines about when to make a decision on what to consider and how to do better.

When to start looking for a Venue –

Looking for a venue is always better to do it earlier. You can begin your search once you have understood three things namely budget, estimated event size and space requirements. Seminar venues in Delhi should are booked 4-6 months in advance so that you get enough time to plan other critical things like catering, event brochures, websites, etc. For the purpose of planning, you can also make use of time-saving tools.

Things to be considered when looking for a venue –

  1. Location – You might have considered the location. For a local seminar, you may look for a venue which is at a reasonable distance from most attendees’ homes or place of work. If the attendees have to travel out of town, the venue near the airport or their hotels will be beneficial. Whatever be the case do not forget to consider traffic, transportation, and parking options.

Hope you would like to reduce the chance of the attendees to be late. Today it is very essential that they are provided with the modern mobile event application. Your attendees will feel relieved with the GPS maps, driving directions and parking/shuttle information at their fingertips. Maps and pins help a lot if the venue is within a large campus or institute. Attendees can easily navigate if they are provided with interactive indoor maps if the seminar is having some exhibitions, posters or parallel sessions.

  1. Parking – While looking for a seminar room on rent in Delhi, consider that the venue has got a lot of parking space and valet parking. Consider a parking space which as a vast area and can be easily accessible to the attendees. IN case there is no parking space then mentioned below are few of the alternatives which you can try.
  • If there is a parking lot near your venue you can reserve that area for your attendees and can include the cost of the ticket prices or have the attendees pay when they park.
  • Uber and Lyft offer discounts to customers to attend seminars or events. Find this out and you can easily negotiate with them distribute the promo code to your attendees.
  • Attendees should be encouraged to share a ride or a cab with each other and this would be a good chance to interact with each other.
  1. Capacity and Minimums – Find out the room capacity of the venues as it must accommodate the number of people invited by you. Also, find out if there are fire and safety codes that the venue has to abide by.
  2. Services and Amenities – Find out if the venue has a kitchen and see if it cater to your event. Does the venue have tables, chairs, and linens that can be used? Some of the venues have built-in audio-visual equipment for use and others will require you to bring that in yourself.

There are lots of things which must be taken into consideration while doing your research for a perfect venue for your seminar.

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