Tips to play IPL fantasy cricket


The most loved, discussed and played sport across India is Cricket and officials gave us another reason to be excited about the game when they decided to start IPLs in India besides other formats. To keep up the hype of cricket among people, IPL fantasy leagues are created. People can take part in these leagues, make their team, bid on the match and earn in abundance. IPL fantasy leagues are developed to make matches even more exciting and thrilling. When matches start that becomes the talk of the town. People start to make assumptions about which team will qualify for playoffs, which one is the strongest, who can perform better, who shouldn’t play, and eventually who will lift the trophy.

To give their assumptions a realistic look, IPL leagues are created. People can play and earn throughsome of the leading ipl earn money app. IPL has become such a sensational sports event that the fantasy league apps were meant to succeed. You virtually select the best players according to their performances as that will affect fantasy points. You should try to earn more points as that will improve your rank which will increase your chances of winning and eventually will bear you more rewards. To play such a league, one must follow some rules and given below are some tips to play ipl fantasy cricket leagues that will help you win rewards.

  • Check players’current performance: When selecting players for your team, you should not go for their records or past performances instead you should focus on their recent performances and see whether they are in form lately or not. You should select players wisely as it is the first and foremost step. It will help you know the game better and understand the value of the players and predict their output in the forthcoming games. Selecting players because of their fan following or high net worth is not considered a smart move as it is not mandatory that they will perform exceptionally every time. You should focus on which player great or not will get you more points in the fantasy league as earning more points should also be your concern.
  • Choosing Top-order batsmen: If you are a cricket enthusiast, by now you must know that selecting the order of the batsmen is of primary importance in the game of cricket and selecting top-order batsmen is crucial. No doubt it depends upon the balling of the opposite team but whether the team can chase or set a good score is also up to the batsmen and the foundation of that are top-order batsmen. The selection of top-order batsmen should be done smartly as they face maximum balls and the chances of them scoring is high. Your batting lineup should be impressive in order to win the game.
  • Prioritising allrounder players: Such players are crucial for the team and prove to be an asset for the team. Multitasking is done by many players, few are good with bat and ball both whereas others are exceptional with the bat and good at fielding and we can witness the batsmen who are great wicket keepers. So this is what a team needs when you are focused to achieve more and defeat your opponents. There are several examples of such players who single-handedly got the match or had a large contribution to the victory of their teams. 
  • Deciding Captain and Vice-captain: It is one of the most important factors that can help you outshine and best your opponents by winning more points as Captain gets you double points whereas Vice-captain gets you one and a half points. If you are a master of this game and apply your skills wisely you should know that the best strategy is selecting the in-form as well as all-rounder player as your captain and another such player your vice-captain. This can make a huge difference between winning and losing the game or even the league. 
  • Awareness about the latest announcements: You should be very well aware of the latest announcements regarding teams and players. You should keep yourself up to date with all the changes teams can come up with. Replacement or retirement of any player or even coach can make a huge impact on the performance of the team. You must keep a close watch on the post and pre-match presentations and press conferences. That can give you a hint about the team’s next performance.
  • Formulating multiple teams:You can make up to six fantasy cricket teams. This way you can make different teams with different combinations of players that can benefit you in a way that if you create more teams you can participate in different contests. Entering different contests increases your chances of winning. If one of your team loses, you will still have five chances to win. 
  • Analysing pitch and weather report: Thinking that weather and pitch do not contribute to the success of the game, then you can be mistaken. Such factors shouldn’t be overlooked as the performance of players depend upon the pitch and whether the match will take place or not that depends upon the weather. So all the factors are collectively important and responsible for the success or failure of the event 
  • Well versed with the rules of the league: This is as important as choosing the correct combination of the players. It is assumed that if you are playing fantasy league then you already are familiar with the rules of the game but still many people don’t go through the rules carefully which wastes all their efforts and shot at winning the league. 

 There has been a rise in the craze of ipl cricket fantasy league for few years. There are several apps on which you can play cricket fantasy matches that can give you a thrilling experience. So before making your final fantasy teams, you must keep in mind all the above-mentioned tips and rules of the fantasy leagues. We assure you that by following all these tips you will definitely see yourself winning the match or even the entire tournament.

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