Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Kerala

Traveled to Kerala, an unforgettable place and each place here is totally different from what I had always read and heard about this place.

So I think I’ll summarize in 10 reasons will be enough to dream of being in Kerala.

  1. Backwaters

What I liked and enjoyed most were the well-known and incredible Backwaters. Yes, 900 navigable kilometers where; rivers, canals and lakes that cross offer a delicious and exotic experience. You can even spend the night in one of these luxurious and comfortable ‘boat houses’ you will not forget it in all your life. I summarize it in one word Magical!

  1. Nature

The exquisite aroma of the tea plantations will give you a good reception. Yes, Kerala enjoys an impressive and unique fauna and flora. Tigers, beautiful birds, majestic trees and countless birds. You can all see them in the Periyar National Park.

Already at the top of the mountains I felt the world at my feet to see these fantastic panoramas in a trekking, in addition to offering many possibilities to perform any sport and activities in an unbeatable environment, such as; sleep under the stars in a camping.

  1. Gastronomy and gardens of spices

It is known that Indian foods are spicy, but very spicy, personally spicy and I have simply decided not to get along by mutual agreement. But this place opened a new possibility of love. After tasting each dish I can say that it is unquestionable that the wide culinary diversity and its variety of spices make Indian food one of the most desired in the world. And how not to be if Kerala is known for its production of cardamom, chili peppers, nutmeg and many other spices that I met here for the first time.

  1. Romantic sunsets and paradisiacal beaches

I always thought that Kerala did not have a beach, yes, I was wrong. And there I was drinking a coconut surrounded by palm trees enjoying a beautiful sunset like those of a movie by the sea.

You can find very cheap accommodation and hotel offerings and also luxury resorts, difficult to find in the rest of the country.

  1. Culture and festivities

Neither black nor white here are options, yes, because Kerala is a multicolored city. Holi the festival of colors you find in its streets, in its costumes, in its landscapes and in its dances. Colorful clothes and unique festivals make Kerala an essential destination. Pooram of Thrissur that develops in the temple of Vadakkumnatha, here the elephants are unpredictable for the religious festivals and traditional dances create an electrifying and hypnotic environment like Kathakali and among others.

  1. You cannot stop seeing fort kochi

Do not take advantage of your tour package to India if you do not visit this place that is the port of arrival of Portuguese and Dutch, its mestizo culture includes the only Jewish community in India, here you can see many groups of artists with a love for tradition. All this in Cochin where the mainland is divided between the archipelago of islands, an impulse towards modernity in the true cultural capital of the state.

  1. Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation

In this yoga and meditation trip in India, only relaxing massages and natural treatments, oils and essences, which can be found in beauty and wellness centers or in specialized clinics around the Kovalam beaches, will be enough to stay as new and follow with our trip.

  1. Snake boat Race

 The various competitions with the traditional snake boats of different villages in regattas where the prestige and fame of the people are played. The trophies dedicated to Indira Gandhi and Nehru are the most vibrant and multitudinous.

  1. Your hospitable people

As I have been able to mention Kerala has plenty of reasons to be visited, but the most important thing is its people, who welcome you with smiles, hospitality in abundance and kindness on all four sides. From the smallest to the oldest.

  1. Recommended if it’s your first trip to India

If you start your tour package to India in Kerala everything will be easier, since the sensations about your first trip to India will depend a lot on the experience and, above all, on the gateway to the country. It is not the same to enter through the large and populous cities such as Calcutta or Delhi, than to begin with this charming, almost western city.

Pooja sharma

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