Top 5 Best Mini Sewing Machines in India

To stitch and alter the clothes is one of the crucial tasks that you need to know how to be done at home. Thanks to the technology advancement, there are so many premium quality of sewing machine available in the market, loading with some of the supportive features, such type of machines are designed to lessen down your hectic work. Don’t worry even if it would be a tough competition to your mother’s expertise stitching but she will always be the best! But if you are planning to gift it or buy it for yourself and looking for the reliable one, then here is the list of mini sewing machines that can be user friendly and will not empty down your pocket.

5 Best Mini Sewing Machines

  1. Singer Start 1306

SINGER has come up with another incredible sewing machine and is currently on the top spot in the market. This amazing built sewing machine is portable, light in weight and durable too. Besides, it comes with 6 different styles of stitches that are built with 4 based and other decorative and buttonhole solution.

  1. Janome Dream Stitch

For those who cannot compromise with the quality at the same time needs such machine in price shall definitely choose this option. This appliance is known for the simple sewing solution. It is one advanced machine loaded with great option’s and features. Besides, it has a speed of 860 SPM with multiple controls.

  1. Sew Craft

This black classy technology is a perfect example of design, function and money. It comes with a good value and merely colour is not catchy but the way it stitches is eye grabbing too. It is designed to offer 33 built-in stitches patterns and is loaded with ample of exciting features such as LED light for the stitching area and foot controller

  1. Janome Allure By USHA:

Designed by a popular brand USHA, this is one heavy duty sturdy machine that is designed to make some challenging tasks a lot easier. This type of machine is designed to support the automatic zigzag sewing. It comes with dual dialing and can help in adjusting the stitch length along with the pattern. This compact machine can perform 13 different types of stitches with the help of knobs.

  1. Singer Tradition Fm 2250

The company has come up with this incredible machine to save your valuable time in creating the threading process easy. It can certainly cater you variety of sewing needs with 10 stitches type. This machine is known for doing zigzag stitches while adjusting the width with normal length of stitching.

Now that you are pretty clear with the right type of sewing machine and which could match your needs and have all the desired features, make sure you choose the one that not just fits your budget but can save a lot of your time as well.

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