Top 5 Online Entertainment Trends to Follow in 2020


The entertainment industry is currently experiencing a significant boom, which will only continue to evolve further. Things like 5G internet, altered realities and AI technologies promise to change the world of entertainment as we know it. Just like in the previous years, we certainly can expect the year 2020 to bring us some fun innovative trends.

These trends don’t only relate to the things users and consumers of the entertainment content can expect in the future. They actually offer invaluable insight to companies operating in this field. The more companies start to embrace these new trends, the better the entertainment industry will be for everyone involved. That being said, let’s check some of them out.

The evolution of 5G internet

For quite some time now there has been a lot of talk and prediction happening around the 5G wireless network. This evolution of the wireless internet connection will bring forth numerous advantages. Not only will the use of the internet on the go and IoT skyrocket, but it will also leave plenty of room for various changes in the entertainment realm. Things like internet-delivered television service and all the advancements made in the AI realm leave the entertainment industry with almost endless possibilities. Content-wise, users can expect more immersive and interactive things, which will certainly bring the entire experience to a whole new level.

More changes happening to streaming services

The on-demand streaming services have become quite popular. Now, while there are those that earn their revenue through ad-supported videos, there are others – like Netflix – that feature the ad-free subscription model. However, since more and more streaming services seem to be appearing on the market daily, chances are that, in the end, we will be left with only a handful that will be able to continue with the ad-free model

Innovations in the iGaming industry

With the birth of the internet, various businesses were forced to shift their offer online. The iGaming industry was no exception. Especially considering the fact that people nowadays prefer to do anything they can online, it really comes as no surprise that they also started feeling more comfortable visiting online casinos. With so many different types of casino games, sign-up bonuses, free spins and other special offers offered by online casinos, you really can expect to find something for everyone. Additionally, more and more online casinos are starting to implement altered realities (AR, VR) in their offer, as well as broaden the monetary currencies they accept as payment. That’s why you can easily find online casinos that even accept blockchain-based currencies.

Greater accessibility to 4K content

Even though 4K resolution is not a new concept by any means, the fact still remains that there simply are not enough devices that can fully support it. However, nowadays, the offer of home and mobile devices capable of delivering the real 4K increased significantly. Not only that, but the prices of such devices are on a continuous decline, which makes them more easily affordable to a wider audience.

eSports are gaining in popularity

Even though eSports were already quite popular in the past years, the fact is that their popularity only continues to grow. Not only that but the revenue from video game software continues to rise steadily. Furthermore, digital downloads have already exceeded those of physical disk purchases and in-game purchases account for almost a third of the entire gaming revenue. These numbers alone show just how much the world of online gaming has grown. And the best part is that it will only continue to do so this year. Moreover, eSports tournaments have also become more popular, attracting almost half a billion viewers worldwide.

As mentioned, the world of online entertainment will only continue to evolve further as the technology continues to do so. This means that, while we can somewhat predict what this year has in store for us, there really is no sure-fire way to know exactly which innovations it will bring. But based on everything we’ve seen so far, it’s safe to assume that we’ll certainly be entertained. The only thing left to do is sit back, enjoy the ride and look forward to everything this year has in store for us.

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