Top 5 reasons to enroll in MTA certifications training programs


Are you looking to get yourself or your employees certified with Microsoft MTA certifications? Then, you should definitely consider opting for MTA Training in Hyderabad. Here are five of the most important reasons why you should select us. Read on and find out!

1) What is an MTA certification?

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a new certification program that Microsoft has launched with three levels of technical skills: MTA, MTA: Deploying Windows Server 2012 and MTA: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure. Each program is for one year duration. Participants who successfully pass all exams will earn MTA certification for each level. This certificate isn’t required by employers; however, earning it can help make you more marketable. The qualification provides confidence that you have what it takes to manage IT operations and infrastructure on multiple Microsoft technologies.

2) Why obtain an MTA certification?

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) program gives you an advantage when applying for entry-level jobs. It’s also a great way to add skills and boost your resume. Even if you already have experience, MTA certs could land you a higher paying job or a promotion. Most importantly, MTA certification is ideal for anyone seeking a technology career and  you should definitely consider opting for MTA Training in Hyderabad . Although it won’t earn you as much as a bachelor’s degree, it provides valuable skills and knowledge that can help kickstart your IT career.

3) How much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost a fortune to get certified. The typical fee for an MTA certification is $600, with more advanced certifications costing as much as $1,500. Certifications are valid for three years and then must be renewed at a cost of about $100. Other expenses you might incur include travel, lodging and food if you take your exam outside your home state. Some companies subsidize testing fees, so check with your employer if they offer any deals or discounts on certification exams. If not, pass along any costs to your employer or use personal funds: Both options will give you an opportunity to save money on future tech-career upgrades—and demonstrate that you’re thinking of how these expenses can benefit your bottom line long term.

4) What about scholarships and financial aid?

Many students are worried about paying for their education, and that’s not uncommon. In fact, a recent survey found that 60% of adults were either somewhat or very concerned about having enough money to pay for college. Good news: you have plenty of options when it comes to financial aid and scholarships. Federal student loans are an option, but so is taking out private loans through banks. And if you get really creative, there’s even more room for scholarships and outside aid from organizations like foundations or local companies.

5) What is the benefit of signing up for an MTA certification training program?

It is not uncommon for IT professionals to be on several certification tracks at any given time. And with so many MTA certification exams available, it’s no wonder that more and more IT professionals are signing up for the MTA summer training program.

Before you make your decision about which MTA certification exam track to choose. Even though there is a lot you can learn from books and articles available online, nothing beats hands-on experience when it comes to learning how to perform certain tasks successfully.

MTA Training Programs provide you with practical experience that will help you further improve your skills.

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