Top 5 Wedding Photography Mistakes

As a photographer, it is possible to make mistakes. There are lots of underlying issues, and the stakes are incredibly high for making mistakes in wedding photography. Wedding event photographer Los Angeles works hard to prevent mistakes nowadays.  If you are a skilled photographer, your client demands a lot from you to capture their wedding. But even if you are careful in every step of capturing those moments, one mistake can change the whole environment. To help you out, I have compiled a list of the common mistakes that you may make when starting out shooting weddings.

Mistakes 01: Inexperience

 If you have a DSLR camera, the chances are pretty high that at some point you will be asked to photograph a wedding. It is vital to be realistic about your capabilities and experience before you commit to shooting a wedding – especially if you are going to be paid for that. You should be clear with the couple about your experience in photography and you should not allow anyone to threaten you into taking on the job to save money if you are not confident. Having the right kits is essential, You’ll need two decent cameras and a selection of lenses along with a couple of flashguns. You know all your parts will be on your bag, but you have to understand how to use them effectively. It is not suggested to try your first session at the wedding if you are the primary photographer at the wedding. You could always take an assistant with you. You can be sharing your work with him, like getting background shots, shooting from alternative angles, duplicating some of the pro’s shots, etc.

Mistakes 02: Poor Exposure

The white dress is suitable for brides. It is an essential aspect of many weddings, and it can be a real headache to photograph the dress correctly. Every wedding photographer’s worst nightmare is overexposing it so that it’s turned into a uniform mass of bright white with no detail, but the opposite (underexposure) makes it look grubby and grey. Fortunately,  a small effective capture can be corrected. But it needs just a little underexposure to avoid losing detail in the groom’s dark suit and bringing out the noise in the shadows.

Mistakes: 03 Messy background

Most professional photographers visit the location after doing wedding photography. They plan what can they do in a different area. They can identify the perfect place for the couples shots and their families group pictures. A fanciful background can make a massive difference to an image, you have to make sure that the location is clean, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it needs to be plain or uninteresting. For instance, shooting the couple in the doorway of the church gives context as well a creating a frame around them, and it looks much better than photographing them in front of the hedge in the churchyard.

Mistake 04: No eye contact

One of the disadvantages of not being the main photographer of a wedding ceremony is that you won’t have the attention of the happy couple at some key points. It can lead you to make some mistake and also this can result in some near-missed shots which are nicely composed but missing the essential eye contact for a perfect shot.

Mistake 05: Skipping a Picture

If you are not the official (or semi-official) photographer, this is not a significant issue. However, if the couple is hoping you to capture their wedding for them, then it is imperative for you to make sure that you photographed everyone and everything that they are expecting you to shoot. Discuss the bride and groom beforehand and draw up a list of guests and groups that they want to be photographed. It is also recommended to get help from someone who knows all the guest well. It will help you to capture the photos easily. Next, when you are at the wedding, you can work your way methodically through the list and be confident that you’ve photographed everyone.

Wedding is a traditional day for one life; photography is part and parcel for the wedding. As a photographer, you have the responsibility to make this event perfect. Remember that one small mistake can change the whole environment of the event. Be careful with your work and do the best possible job.

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