Updated List Of Indian Technology Bloggers That You Should Have In 2021


The era in which we are living in the era of technology and online learning. Everyone is dependent on online platforms for gaining knowledge and get accessed to different types of information. All the online platforms are obviously run by technology experts. So, today let us know and row some knowledge about the Indian bloggers. Here is the article that will help you in gaining knowledge about the best Indian bloggers that you should follow in 2021. Have a look to know.
Amit Agarwal: India’s first professional tech blogger is Amit Agarwal. He is a graduate of IIT Roorkee and is a Google Developer Expert in GSuite and Google Apps Script. Amit Agarwal is running one of the most famous technology blogs known as Digital Inspiration, it was established in the year 2004. This is the tech blogs India that is very much popular and helps people to gain information on so many things like blogging, WordPress, etc. If you are interested to read exciting information related to technology, then you need to try the blogs of Amit Agarwal.

Infotechnowiki: This is again the top tech blogs in India that is being used by people for learning a number of things. Through this blog, one can get accessed to simple and easy information which will further help them to do the things of their interest. For example, from infotechnowiki you can learn about gadgets, torrent websites, etc. All the articles or posts in this blog is having simple information that is not at all complicated. So, if you are interested to have basic knowledge about technology then here is the blog you can try reading.

Ashish Sinha: Graduated from IIT Roorkee and IIT Bangalore, and is now a well-known entrepreneur who handles the technology blogs very efficiently. He is the one who has chosen his career very smartly. Since childhood only, he was having a great interest in learning about technology and providing knowledge to the people related to it. And as he grew bigger, he starts his own blog to let people know about different technological things. All the important things that you need to learn about technology are provided by Ashish Sinha in best tech blogs in India. Just reading out to know more.

Amit Bhawani: Amit Bhawani started his web journey in 2004 and made his first blog in the year 2005. Amit Bhawani is a webmaster and keeps on experimenting the new ways of blogging. He loves to write about blogging, its style, and many more other things related to that. After learning a lot and gaining success in the blogging platform, Amit Bhawani came out with his first ever blog site in 2007. If you want to learn in deep about tech, then try out his technology blogs India like Phone Radar, Android Advices, and many other.

Srinivas Tamada: Srinivas Tamada is an UI architect by profession and a part time blogger as well. He is very much popular for providing deep and detailed analysis about the different technological topics. As per the research, it has been found that he started his technology journey with not-so-loved programming languages like PHP and many more. But with proper learning, he ultimately proved everyone wrong by having success in PHP learning. The name of his blog is 9lessons and usually provides people knowledge about JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, etc. Therefore, these are the top 5 bloggers or blogs you should know about in 2021. Read the blogs to have deeper knowledge about technology.

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