Use antifungal lip cream to treat lip infection

Human lips may be affected by fungal infections. The corner of the lips is mostly affected by fungal infections. To treat the infections on slips, antifungal cream for lips may be used over the counter. The desired cream may contain all the ingredients which will heal the infections on the lips. The affected persons will start to feel better due to the healing effect on lips. The antifungal cream is quite good for fighting against infections on the lips. Fungal infections on lips are quite disturbing. Generally, persons having a lower level of immunity are affected by lip infections.

Proper balance of yeast

Lips are very sensitive as these two fold fleshy mass cover the mouth. The sensitive los easily catch infections with lower immunity in body of humans. Actually the infections come from inside the mouth. It arises to sore on lips. Fungal infection on lips is generally by Candida yeast. Due to this yeast, lips are attacked and abnormalities and sores appear on lips. Another type of lip fungus is MonilibiaAlbicanswhich can affect lips.The fungi can grow in brisky way in moist and warm conditions.The affected lipscan be treated with antifungal lip cream.In the body of humans, the growth of yeast is controlled by good bacteria. Therefore, proper balance of yeast and good bacteria is required on body. Imbalance of these yeast and good bacteria can boost growth of yeast in humans.

Growth of infections on lips

Due to stress or any kind of illness may create imbalance of yeast and good bacteria. Smokers are very critical for lip infections.If this type of infection is not treated properly,it may touch esophagus. So, lip infection may be treated with antifungal lip cream.If persons are suffering fromdiabetes, then they are prone to lip infections. This disease may turn lips into cracked and inflammatory condition.It also may create pain at lip corners.The disease can be treatedwith Ketomac antifungal lip cream.

Symptoms of lip infection

  • White patches and sores at corner of lips
  • Deficiency of moisture on lips
  • Collection of bubbles and fluids at corner of lips
  • Redness and swelling of lips
  • General weakness
  • Intense craving for sugar and sweets

Causes of lip infection

Following are the main causes of lip infections:

  • Wearing o dentures
  • Consumption of excess alcohol
  • Deficiency of vitamin E , B12,iron
  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor type of blood flow to lips
  • Toxin chemicals on lips in form of lip balm or lipstick


  • Application of Ketomac cream
  • Drinking of plenty of water can enhance remedies
  • To avoid spicy food
  • To maintain oral hygiene
  • To avoid growth of Candida yeast, sugar consumption should be reduced.
  • Castor oil may be used on lips as therapy
  • To avoid biting of lips.

Conclusion General health with oral care should be maintained for avoiding lip infection. If by chance lip infection occurs, then ketomac antifungal lip cream should be used.

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