Useful Tips To Get Free Wifi Using Free Wifi Apps For Android

Wifi connectivity has become of the indispensable needs for people for different activities. Especially, for those to travel to different places, this is absolutely essential. People check their emails on regular basis and when they want to check any important update, Wifi connection is vital. Also, when there is a need to do some transactions on an urgent basis, this becomes much crucial. Luckily, Android users have a number of useful apps to make all walks of their lives simpler.

Quick Look At The Best Free Wifi App For Android

With Android users looking for a free wifi app for android, it is interesting to find out that there are more and more apps coming up every day in the app store. Each app offers something interesting and features offered mark the uniqueness. Any WiFi app is considered to be ideal for use by people when it covers up certain points. Firstly, the app has the feature to gather information about the type and name of the network along with the frequency. Secondly, detecting the signal strength is one of the most important aspects. Thirdly, the option to measure the speed of the packets so that the upload and download speed can be known.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi is one of the most effective apps available for Android users and is quite simple to use. With just a download for free from the app store, one can use the app from his Android phone and access the internet from anywhere. This is a savvy approach for those who keep counting on their mobile data. Connecting to any public WiFi is also much quicker and hassle free.


For users who are searching for an app with excellent user interface which is easier in all ways, Wibrate is an ideal one. It is available for Android and iPhone users and one can have free internet any time. This app is a quick choice for people who hang about public spots in the city especially theatres, malls, libraries and other activity centers.


Instabridge is a popular name among Android users for the tag name. It’s true that this app available in Google Play Store offers free internet to everyone. One can get access to all available WiFi hotspots nearby completely for free. Also, users can make use of the offline maps. This app connects one to the important hotspots with regards to the speed and familiarity.

WiFi You

Easily downloadable from Google Play Store, WiFi You provides numerous advantages to Android users. It is amongst one of the top picks by users for the interesting features like network scanner it offers. One can connect to the best WiFi network for free without the need of a password. Also, when users prefer to access any target network, it happens in a single click.

WiFi Master Key

WiFi Master Key is an excellent Xfinity WiFi and iPhones. This is chosen by people largely as it provides internet connection without any interruption. So, one can easily download the app from Google Play Store and make best use of it any time they wish from any place. Security and quick connectivity is the specialty of this app. With this app, one can easily recognize the WiFi spots which are free. Additionally, the swiftness and ease of access is remarkable.

Swift WiFi

Swift WiFi provides fast connectivity for Android phone users. Although it is free, it is the swiftness that makes this app a valid pick by users. People who are watchful about their mobile battery can use this app, as turning on and off the WiFi connection doesn’t cause any hassles and one can browse according to their convenience.


Hotspotio is an interesting free app that is solely for Android users. Any user who connects to a WiFi network can share the connection with other users. This is possible for any hotspot be it regular or portable. Also, the one who shares the connection has full control over the sharing and can disconnect the connection anytime.

NetSpot for Android

NetSpot for Android is a free WiFi analyzer app that is quickly picked up by Android phone and tablet users. This is because one can easily analyze the network coverage in different spots of their building as they keep moving around using the Discover Mode.

Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer is an app available for Android 6 and any phones above that. This is useful for one to view the signal strength of the WiFi network they access. One can get better understanding about channel interference and many other aspects about signals.

WiFi Finder

For people who are in the search for an easy app that could provide directions to get to any spot, WiFi Finder is a good one. Using this app, users can find the WiFi networks within any particular range and also provides enough guidance on access.


WeFi app download allows Android users to connect to the web using any of the WiFi networks. Being a massive database of WiFi networks, users can make use of this app to access the network which is nearer to them for free.

FreeZone for Android

FreeZone for Android is a very useful app with options to easily connect to the internet. Installing this app in one’s Android phones gives them automatic connection to WiFi networks nearby. This sounds ideal as one can just download and have the connection automatically without having to search or look for any features.

With a good free wifi app for android, anyone with an Android phone can experience unlimited internet connection and access the World Wide Web. One can save a lot on their mobile data as well as internet bills. Regardless of the internet connection people have at their homes, these apps are much helpful when they are out. One can always be updated and also make payments on time and also manage emergencies easily. Although there are many apps available, the WiFi apps are indeed a boon to people.

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