Varieties of bangles to wear

Indian traditions and customs always give an importance to wearing bangles. In fact, the tinkling sound of the bangles always sounds nice to ears and some believe that it can bring good fortune and prosperity.

But also handmade bangles are fabulous jewellery pieces with which one can flaunt their style quotients. Wearing matching bangles with the outfits can always escalate their fashion sense. Apart from the handmade ones, there are many varieties of these round accessories that one can add up to their jewellery collection. They can be mixed and matched with the outfit so that one can get the right look.

Here are some varieties that one can consider:

Pearl Bangles

These are the bangles which come with the proper embellishments of pearls. They can be contemporary styled bangles and one does not always have to go for the heavy and broad traditional ones. Sleek pearl bangles can be worn both with eastern and western outfits.

Navaratna Bangles

As per the name, these bangles mostly contain 9 different semi precious and precious gemstones. They are Ruby, Emerald, Pearl, Red Coral, Diamond, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye. So, one can get the magic and vibrancy of 9 colours in a single bangle. One can go for a delicate design which is bold yet traditional.

Contemporary Bangles

They are a great show off when one is wearing western dresses. They are available in different metals like oxidised and copper or brass so that most of the designs can be kept slim and minimal so that it can be worn anytime.

Diamond Bangles

These are very simple bangles which are studded with diamonds.  They look perfectly fashionable and elegant with both eastern and western outfits. In fact, they are the perfect styles if one thinks about minimal fashion.

Antique Bangles

They come with a royal look and they are unique in style. They also have traditional designs. Antique gold bangles are considered to be absolutely traditional and they mostly are paired with ethnic wears and during wedding occasions.

Rose Gold Bangles

They are the amalgamation of gold and other metals. In fact, they are said to be made of romantic metals as they are pinkish red in colour. They are perfect for people who are not much fond of yellow gold.

Kada Bangles

Bangles are not only for women. Men can wear them too. A kada bangle is mainly made from stainless steel and it represents strength.

There are many handmade bangles design that one can look for but here are a few things that one has to keep in mind. One has to choose a bangle according to their wrist size and skin tone. If one goes for oversized bangles then they must follow the ‘less is more’ policy. Also, one has to consider the sleeve length of the dress they are wearing when they want to wear bangles. Chunky ones go well with full sleeves while the sleek and delicate ones are better with half or short sleeved ones.

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