Ways To encourage And Motivate Your children To Stay Curious.


Children are forever asking questions! Ask any parent who has children and they will tell you, they never stop growing curious. Because many of them ask the same questions again and again, this becomes frustrating at times. And although you may be tempted to ignore them or turn on the television, this is not the best way to deal with them.

Keep chatting to your small ones instead, and you’ll be happier. When looking for nursery school admission for your child look out for schools that use this technique to pique a child’s interest and inspires him/her to learn more. There is an insatiable want to know more about the world around us, and curiosity is the driving force behind this desire. In school and later in life, naturally interested children do better due to their want to learn.

It is important to keep your children’s minds open to new ideas and experiences.

1. Incorporate New Habits Into Their Lifestyle.

Children benefit from set routines, particularly these days. As a result of the epidemic, parents have found it simpler to maintain some kind of control over their children. It has eased the transfer of students looking for nursery school admission to online lessons. Aside from that, modest modifications like adding new games or learning apps might pique their interest enough to prompt them to ask: What else could I change? What else can you expect if you eat rice and dal for breakfast instead of oatmeal and bread? Make them sit on your right side instead of your left if they want to inquire about anything. Changes like these may encourage your children to ask more questions, which will keep up their interest in the world around them. 

2. Surprise Them

Your children’s curiosity will grow as a result of positive surprises. A villain or a character from a favourite novel might be a fun way to get your child’s attention in the morning. Iron Man or BAL Ganesha waking up to a letter from them is guaranteed to pique their interest. When it’s time for a snack, you may also plan a treasure hunt for them.

Snack time just became a whole lot more interesting! You may invite their aunt, grandparents, or other family members for lunch. Avoid revealing the identity of the guest of honour. Providing a pleasant surprise is an excellent way to pique their interest.

3. Answer Their Questions

Although we’ve previously spoken about this, it’s worth clarifying. Because at some time, your children will continue to ask you questions about the subject matter. Try to wait it out. Even if you’re tired, or have deadlines to meet or maybe a headache, do your best to answer every question to the best of your ability. Moreover, before you respond, make sure you analyze the subject properly. 

A simple answer like ‘working’ may not be what they are looking for when they inquire about what you’re doing. They may be drawn to the different hues on the charts you provide. However, you must always respond to their query. Why? Because it provides them with the confidence and comfort to know that being interested is acceptable, it’s a good idea. What you should do instead is take the lead from their query and go to the following inquiry.


‍When you’re busy, let them know, but don’t let them think you don’t care. If you are unable to answer the question immediately, wait until you are ready to do so. That will provide the idea to your children that you’ll always do your best to answer any questions they could have.

Do you have any other ideas to keep their curiosity alive? Add them to the list here. Keeping this list up-to-date with tried-and-true ways to pique your children’s interests. It can help you figure out which ones work best for your child. 

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