Ways to Get Food Offers, Gift Cards & Discount


A tiring day after work deserves a wholesome meal later with a show to binge-watch. The pleasure doubles when your chosen food is at a discount, and the restaurant rewards you with other offers along with it. As customers, we love recommendations and rewards. Discounts on food products from our favourite restaurants make us feel loved and valued. Moreover, it increases our purchasing capacity, increasing our love for the exquisite food and the restaurant’s warm ambience. With technological advancement, we live in a space where we’re blessed to manage things at the comfort of our fingertips.

Availing coupons and gift cards on every purchase profits both the consumers and the service providers. Whether it’s a 50% off on Pizza offered by Dominos or buy one get one free, it captures our hearts, our wallets, and us in no time. What if the discounts are available as and when you want them, regardless of any special occasion? Amazing right? This blog will explain how you can benefit from offers, discounts, gift cards on food, and more.

Shop through a cashback and offer app

Shopping with the help of apps such as the Fave app will help you avail food offers and discounts on food products. For instance, slide to the page’ food offers today‘ and follow these steps:

  1. Check the list of restaurants providing deals and offers on their items. 
  2. Pick the desired article and make the payment through the app.
  3. To initiate a payment, you’ll have to scan the QR code payment of the restaurant through the scanner in the app, enter the amount payable.
  4. Tap any additional coupon code, if available, and pay the required amount. 
  5. In return, you will be awarded other coupon codes and offers which are redeemable within the span of 2-3 months, according to the terms and conditions declared by the merchandiser. 

Grab discounted products 

 Sometimes a list of products or only a unique combination of products arranged by the merchandiser is under discount. The deal is promoted chiefly on social media and other platforms to get customers’ attention. Such offers may include a flat 50% off on Burger King and more. Keep a check on such requests laid down by the restaurants or food chains and enjoy the benefit of discounted food items.

Orders exceeding a specific amount= More discount

Special offers like shopping up to 1,000 and getting 500 for free is another great offer promoted by many platforms. These offers could specifically be designed for a singular food item such as Pizza, sushi, burgers, etc., or a particular restaurant. Apart from this, owning gift cards of Big Bazaar can help you enjoy the seasonal, festival, and special occasion offers from time to time.

Signing in for a Restaurant Loyalty Program

 Restaurants ordinarily run a loyalty program to reward their customers with points in their accounts based on the amount they spend at the restaurant. These points are traditionally redeemable and last 2-3 months, depending on the restaurant’s policy. You can scroll through the option of food offers today on cashback apps or the restaurant’s app and look for submissions if any. 

Discounted Vouchers

 According to research, around 85% of Americans used discounted vouchers when shopping eatery or enjoying meals in their favourite restaurants. This gives a shred of evidence that customers love coupons, gift cards, and discounts on their food. These vouchers differ from one restaurant to another. For example, gift cards from Big Bazaar help you take advantage from different sections such as clothing, food, and others. Other gift cards from different cashback payment apps provide benefits such as cashback in every transaction.

So enjoy your favourite food at an unbelievable price with cashback apps. Dine in now!

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