What Are Generous Activities Of Punjab Minister?


India is one of the developing countries which are enriched in natural surroundings and unity among the population as well. In India, one of the largest states Punjab is developing in many forms with the great support of Vijay Inder Singla pwd minister Punjab. Punjab is exactly located in the northwest area of India, which is enriched in prosperity, the land of rivers, its brave, hospitality of the people. It was called in name of sapta Sindhu in earlier days. With the maximum support of the congress as the ruling party, Punjab gains many improvements in all sorts of fields. 

Who Is Pwd Minister?

Nobody will believe that this man is best known for his social work with honest dedication to the people. He is no one but Vijay Inder Singla pwd minister Punjab who received the best parliamentarian certificate. He is an Indian politician & member of the legislative assembly. Presently he is heading as the minister of PWD and administrative reforms of the Punjab council. He was born on December 1, 1971, and he completed school at Patiala. He did graduation as a computer science engineer in Karnataka.

He is one of the congress party and a member of parliament. His hard work and hearty dedication to welfare to the people make him shine in this political field. he gives his best to improve the lifestyle and stages of the region populate. His political journey begins as the general secretary in the Punjab youth congress in the year 2002- 2004. Then after the experience and winnings, he was framed as MP and closed bond with respected Rahul Gandhi.

What Are His Achievements?

As the minister of PWD, he took some efforts and measures to improve the construction, building roads, and maintenance. He brings many schemes to boost up and upgrades the lives of the people. Then he brings some projects for the development of the backward regions. The literacy ratio is increasing day by day, and on the other side, unemployment issues are playing a vital role in many graduates’ life. So he took measures to overcome it and open doors for jobs and business facilities.

Through his constant hard work, the rail service and road connectivity are possible. In the beginning stage, the train service is Shatabdi Express from Sangrur, and then it extends to Sirsa, Ajmer, & Jammu. The constructions of rail track electrifications and railway over bridges are made for the comfort and it leads to reduce the traffic issues in the society/ roads.

What does He do In The Education Field?

Education is an essential tool to survive in this modernized world. The action he takes for the welfare of the student’s life, gives inspiration to others. Vijay Inder Singla pwd minister Punjab spends approximately 9.10 cores for the improvement of the playgrounds in the government school and hedecides to give the smart playground for entire government schools students. This dedication to the student’s future takes him to success in the education field also. 

He says that extra-curricular activities must be equally given to all pupils, which is an essential need in everybody’s life. So the development in renovation playgrounds will make the pupils play comfortable. 

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