What Are the Different Types of Education?


Education across the world comes in many forms. No one person learns the same way, and having such a variety of ways to learn can be extremely helpful. Receiving a professional education can often be the difference between you getting a dream career or wallowing in a job that you hate.

As mentioned, there are several types of education. We’ll dig a bit more into the different forms of learning that are available.

Practical Learning

Being able to learn about and keep information is key to living a successful life. No matter what type of career path you choose to follow, you must grow through some sort of education. Maybe you want to become a practical nurse or vocational nurse. You’ll need to learn as much as you can about topics such as administering patient care, reading vital signs, and the various aspects of home healthcare. One of the best ways that you can do this is through a practical nursing program.

Practical learning at its core is task-based learning where students see and do things by themselves. It helps a student to get hands-on experience with whatever they’re studying. In the case of someone pursuing practical nursing career opportunities, this is essential. A registered nurse (RN) or even a nurse practitioner will have had to undergo an education that provided them with hands-on experience. While pursuing their associate degree, or bachelor’s degree, the education that they receive will teach them the hands-on job duties that a nursing career entails.

Imagine being an emergency room nursing specialist and not having had any time spent working on the human body? All clinical nurse specialists have had plenty of opportunities to work with patients during internships at outpatient care centers. This participatory clinical experience will get them ready to work in the field with other healthcare professionals. Practical learning helps to promote self-learning, acts as a powerful memory tool, and can prepare you to handle real problems. Practical learning is a great educational tool that many people use in their careers.

Online Learning

There are many colleges and universities that add an online learning part to their curriculum. Many fields of study allow students to learn at their own pace through various webcasts. This form of learning involves education that takes place over the internet. Colleges have incorporated web courses into their fields of study, balancing this with in-person learning opportunities. Other colleges rely strictly on online courses as the main way for students to learn.

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No matter the field of study, this online learning format can be used. Well-known accounting schools such as Wolters Kluwer use this format for self-study CPE courses. Students seeking a professional education and their certification in the realms of CFE, CFP, and CMA can access online courses in these fields from computers. This is needed especially now with the continued spread of the COVID-19 disease.

Online courses also allow adults to learn at their own pace. There are working adults in the United States who need the flexibility of such online public accounting courses to continue to keep an income. Online learning also promotes personal development, best practices when it comes to learning, and self-study methods. Consider online learning as an educational tool.


Before COVID-19 erupted across the United States and the world, some children and teens already received their education at home. Homeschooling is when a parent elects to instruct their children at home rather than in a formal educational institution.

Some of the benefits of homeschooling involve being able to instruct your child at their own pace. Also, homeschooling supplies greater educational freedom. Lastly, parents have a more direct role in their child’s educational upbringing. Homeschooling is yet another educational choice for parents and students across the United States.

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