What are the top restaurants to dine out in Puerto Escondido?


Sun, beach, and adventure are always present during vacations at Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Most of you don’t know that this mesmerizing destination is also home to several dineouts. So first, you need to understand what kind of foods you want to taste and explore. Restaurants Puerto Escondido is an adventure in itself with a variety of options and cuisines to choose from. Puerto Escondido has an incredible range of eateries, from fancy al fresco beach dining to little roadside taco stalls.


In one of the few real gourmet restaurants on the Oaxacan coast, Almoraduz’s husband-and-wife culinary partnership develops unique flavor combinations. It’s not pompous in the least. The open eating area in the Rinconadaneighborhood is modest, elegant, and distinctive. The menu rotates often, but the most popular items are black seafood risotto and fish in green mole, as well as a chocolate lava cake.

El Nene

El Nene is famous for its excellent fish. This Puerto Escondido restaurant serves excellent tuna sashimi and well-cooked seared fish. Mexican sandwiches, burgers, and tacos are also available. It’s a fantastic venue for bigger gatherings, and live entertainment is available on weekends during peak season. It tops the list in restaurants Puerto Escondido.

Mama Malu

This small eatery, located off the main street in Zicatela, maybe one of the tastiest and affordable in Puerto Escondido. They have excellent filled Tortillas and other things on the menu. Make sure you order a coffee with anything you want. Another must-try drink is the Oaxaca-style coffee from Mama Mallu, which is made with brown sugar, cinnamon, and orange peel and is brewed in a clay pot. It’s not overly sweet, and the hint of cinnamon is delicious.

El Cafecito

Cafecito has carved out a niche in the crossover gringo-Mexican fusion cuisine industry, catering to big surfer appetites. Some of the greatest breakfasts on the coast can be had here, with countless egg creations, enormous fruit dishes, spaghetti, and bowls of creamy Oaxacan chocolate.

Hotel Santa Fe

The restaurant of the charming colonial Hotel Santa Fe is a pescatarian affair situated on a covered patio overlooking Zicatela beach. Tofu dishes, Mexican snacks, and a Mediterranean plate with hummus, Greek salad, and pita bread are among the options.

Las Cazuelas

Another Mexican restaurant in Puerto Escondido is Las Cazuelas. It’s one of the greatest locations in Puerto Escondido to eat pozole. They also provide tacos, tortas, and a variety of other dishes. You must not be in a hurry since this Puerto Escondido restaurant makes the dish only when it is requested. While you may relax inside, the outside and patio seating allows you to do some people watching while you wait.

Pez Gallo

At this beach club’s beachfront thatched-roof restaurant, seafood delicacies like the catch of the day coated in coconut are popular, and you also receive free access to one of Puerto Escondido’s most swimmable beaches as well as a huge on-site pool. Puerto Escondido is the region’s oldest tourist destination and the major hub of tourism activity for both locals and visitors. Zicatela Beach is a top ten surfing destination due to its big waves. The port continues to support commercial fishing, as well as attracting persons interested in deep-sea fishing. The majority of the cuisine is focused on shellfish and native vegetables. Puerto Escondido’s major draw is its globally renowned beaches. Scuba divers will like the region due to the huge oysters and variety of species. So, you can say that Puerto Escondido is a complete package. Be it food or exotic destinations, there’s so much to explore.

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