With the present world focused more on a beauty-oriented and a perfection-oriented lifestyle, many people choose to spend on cosmetic surgeries to buy their enhanced self-confidence.  Breast enhancement or augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries undergone by women in today’s age. Many women, however, do not wish to use unnatural fillers, Botox, or enhancement surgeries. The answer to all their problems lies in fat transfer breast augmentation

This procedure enlarges your breasts by a transfer of fat cells from other parts of your own body, using liposuction and injecting it into your breasts. Much more of a natural remedy, autologous breast augmentation is recommended more as the fat cells are of your own body type and hence suitable. Also, it rules out the problems that come with injecting unwanted alien substances into your body.     


It is multi-process surgery that involves a few complicated steps-

  • Firstly, excess fat from your body is removed using Liposuction. Parts like the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks are usually the areas from which fat is harvested using a thin tube known as a cannula attached to a vacuum.
  • After sucking the excess fat, it goes for the purifying phase. In the centrifugation step, unwanted materials such as oil, water, and blood are removed or separated. 
  • The doctor adds 50 ML of blood, removed from your body to the centrifuge, so as to separate the platelets containing stem cells.
  • Finally, the fat transfer breast augmentation is achieved, when the doctor injects the purified fat along with the stem cells into your breasts.  


The cost involved in this plastic surgery depends upon 3 factors

  • The location where you are undergoing the surgery
  • The experience level of the doctor
  • The amount of fat you are transferring to your breasts

As fat transfer breast augmentation also involves an added step of Liposuction, unlike the traditional breast implants, the former becomes costlier than the latter. The extravagant cost is because the patient is expected to pay for 2 procedures. The cost usually falls into the range of 3000 USD 15000 USD.


  • The most important benefit of fat transfer breast augmentation is that you can get fulfill 2 of your goals at the same time, i.e., removal of excess unwanted fat from specific parts of your body, and breast enlargement.
  • It is much more natural and safer. As in the regular breast implant procedure, foreign objects such as silicone are inserted into the body which can cause malignant effects on your body in the long run. 
  • On top of that, it contours your breasts to give a more natural look.
  • This procedure also saves you from the added risk of scarring.
  • Moreover, it also reduces the possibility of a severe allergic reaction.

However, one should remember that each breast is capable of holding only one and a quarter pint of fat. So, this procedure can just increase the breast size by one cup size.   Nonetheless, a patient aspiring for breasts enhancement should definitely try fat transfer breast augmentation. 

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