What is Mobile App Development?

A mobile application (or app) is software designed to work on a mobile device, such as smartphones or tablets, for example. It can be made available for Android, on phones and tablets from manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola, and for iOS, on Apple iPhones and iPads. Virtually everything you use on your phone is an app: email, social media, internet browser, music streams, videos, and even the camera. So mobile app development is required to full fill the requirement of the user. According to the app developer, there are more smartphones than inhabitants. That means more than 200 million active devices, fueling a growing market for digital subscription services. In addition, the growing use of smartphones and tablets at the expense of computers makes it clear: there has never been a time when people were so dependent on applications.

Apps are already the main product of thousands of businesses that have been born entirely digital. Companies like Uber, Zomato, Gaana, Spotify and Maps have two aspects in common: they are worth billions and their products are an app.

In traditional businesses, apps are also already a powerful way to scale and increase business profitability Many other companies have transformed their business through technology. Is it an app that your business needs to reinvent itself? Flutter app development is a new framework from Google designed to build native Android and iOS mobile applications from common code. You can find the best flutter app development company on the Internet.

Why an app?

         Customers can access your service from anywhere, anytime, online or offline.

         Customers benefit from the features of their devices, such as sensors, microphones, GPS, digital reader, and cameras.

         Customer and company can easily access data stored on the device, such as documents, photos, or videos with permission.

What can an  app do for your business?

         Boost your sales and retain customers you already have.

         Implement digital service channels, reducing costs and increasing team efficiency.

         Potentialize obtaining new customers.

         strengthen your brand and make it more competitive.

Why an app and not a web system or website?

         Indian spend an average of more than three to five hours a day using their cell phones.

         ¼ of digital media users access the internet exclusively via smartphones.

         The sale of mobile devices in India is about 2700% higher than the sale of computers and notebooks.

         The number of internet connections on mobile devices is already 11 times higher than on desktop devices.

Classifying a product type simply as ‘better’ or ‘worse’ can lead us to the wrong view. Each business has specific needs and goals, which can be met in different ways through different technologies of mobile app development. Choosing an application over another technology must be strategic. Imagine that your goal is to scale your services. The very nature of the provision of services makes the expansion process difficult, which usually comes with very high costs and a long time to start operating. Many companies aim to offer their products to a much larger number of people, but find limitations when it comes to serving all these customers: how to offer support, answer questions and be present in so many locations at the same time, being efficient and making a profit? It is not an easy task, but today more than ever, it is a possible task if we work with technology in our favor!

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