What is the best trimmer for pubic hair?


Thanks to technology, trimmers for hair came into existence. Gone are days of using a razor or a blade to do away with those pesky hairs. Since the skin in the private areas is extra sensitive, a special trimmer must clear away the pubic hair. So, if you search for the best trimmer for this job, keep reading. Below are some factors that will help to find the right trimmer for you.

Power of the motor

Generally, the hair in and around the private parts will be thick. So, you need a trimmer with the right speed to cut the coarse hair. That’s why you should pick a trimmer with a powerful motor. It should be at least 4000 rpm to give good results at the end. Otherwise, the trimmer may start to pull and tug the hair, which can be painful.

Blades’ sharpness

As you know, a dull blade cannot cut anything. Since the hair in the pubic area is very thick, a trimmer with dull blades is not up for the task. So, when you search for a trimmer, make sure it has a sharp hypoallergenic blade. Also, it is better to go for stainless steel blades.


This is a personal decision that you need to make, depending on your preferences. In the market, you can find both corded and cordless trimmers. While corded trimmers last for a very long time, the presence of a cord can be a hindrance when trimming down there. On the other hand, because the cordless trimmer doesn’t have any cords attached, it is very easy to use.

Battery life

If you choose cordless trimmers, then this is a factor that you should never neglect. Good battery life means you can use it without any hassle. Otherwise, if the charge runs out, you may have to wait for it to get its charge full before you complete the trim. That’s why you need to make sure that the trimmer you get has a decent battery to last throughout the session.

Look for comb guards.

Most trimmers for pubic hairs come with comb attachments or guards to provide extra safety to you. It can be painful or lead to infection if you get cut in those sensitive parts. So, when searching for the best trimmer, make sure that the model doesn’t compromise safety.

Sleek body

Generally, the body of the trimmer is bulky. But you cannot use that for trimming hair in your pubic areas. You need something sleek and easy to handle. Ensure that the trimmer you buy has a slim build that you can use in hard to reach places. Otherwise, you will end up struggling with the bulky trimmer.

The bottom line

Finding the best trimmer for your pubic hair is not that hard if you know how to look for it. So, use the above tips and find the best one to help you out.

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