What is The Usual Recovery Period After Hip Replacement?



One of the prime concerns of the patients before undergoing Hip Replacement Surgery in India is the recovery time. They want to be aware of how early can they return to their healthy life and restart with their physical activities. Well, the patients must understand that the recovery time for every patient is different.

It is because the medical condition for every individual varies, and so does the medical proceedings. Based on the medical proceedings, that is surgical or non-surgical, the recovery process also varies for an individual.

If the doctors performed surgery for your cure, the recovery time is undoubtedly going to be high. On the contrary, the recovery time for non- surgical treatments is usually low.

In short, we can say that the recovery time depends on several factors. Continue to read the blog, to know the factors determining the recovery of the patient after the hip replacement surgery.

Factors That Help To Regain The Lost Strength of the Hip Joint or Rescue After Hip Replacement Surgery:

 In the usual conditions, the recovery time after the surgery is one to six months. However, the recovery time can be divided into short-term and long-term recovery.

Short-term recovery time is four to six weeks. In short term recovery, one can account for:

  • Discharge from the hospital, the duration for the same is 24 to 72 hours
  • The ability to walk with the support of a walker
  • Avoiding the intake of significant pain killer drugs and incisions, and sleep overnight peacefully
  • Last, but not least, the ability to walk a certain distance within your house without resting.

Long term recovery time varies between three to six months for every patient. A long term recovery counts for:

  • The ability of the patient to walk without the use of walking aids
  • Healing of all the internal soft tissues and the surgical wounds
  • The patient can perform the day to day tasks without any pain or inconvenience
  • Retaining the mobility and lost strength of the hip joint.

Now, the factors that decide the recovery time for the patients include:

  • Age of the patient
  • Follow-up recovery; including the physical therapy and exercises
  • The response of the patients to the surgery
  • The recovery time is less for the patients following the instructions of the doctor and undergoing the regular tests
  • A positive attitude of the patient.

Apart from the surgery, recovery and rehabilitation period also contributes to the Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India. If the patient does not recover after the operation immediately, then the number of days spent in the hospital may increase. After the discharge from the hospital, if the patient does not regain the mobility he has to stay outside the hospital for increased number of days. All this adds to overall price of treatment.

Final Words:

Hip replacement is not a very complicated procedure, and after your treatment under the top orthopaedics of India, the recovery is sure. However, the recovery after the surgery is not the sole responsibility of the surgeon, and you are equally responsible for the same. make sure you stick to advice of the medical team to avoid the side-effects.

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