What the Drug Abuse really is and why you should be aware?


Let’s double-check what substance abuse means. Substance abuse is the use of a drug or drug for deviating purposes from its intended medical purpose or the fraudulent use of a drug that is not for medical purposes. Illegal drugs such as stimulants, cannabis, and cocaine are all strictly regulated by law, and just having them is a crime. Even if you buy medicines or chemicals at a pharmacy, using them for purposes other than their original purpose, using them for play purposes, or taking a large amount of medicine beyond the prescription is a deviation from the purpose and is also substance abuse.

Drugs are medicines if taken according to the usage, but if you do not take them correctly, or if you take a large amount of them, you may experience symptoms similar to those when you use so-called drugs, such as confusion and diminished consciousness. It has been reported that over-the-counter drug abuse is currently prevalent, especially among teenagers. That’s why drug rehabilitation centre in India helps people to treat with the right process.

Keep yourself away from Drug Substances

Some cold and cough medicines may contain ephedrine, the source of stimulants, dihydrocodeine phosphate, a component of narcotics, and caffeine, which has a stimulating effect. While this ingredient suppresses coughing and headaches, if you drink too much, you will not feel drowsy or tired, and it will have euphoria and a sensation of headache. Therefore, there are many cases where these over-the-counter drugs are used as substitutes for illegal drugs, and there is concern about their expansion.

They will approach you in a polite manner and appear to be kind in their approach. But be careful! There is a back side to sweet words! The person who recommends the drug will not take responsibility if you are fooled by the invitation and mess with the drug and ruin your life.

Protect yourself from substance abuse!

When a close friend or senior asks you to take a drug, you may be anxious and confused, saying, “If you refuse, you may be left out.”

But wait a minute. Can you say that a person who invites a drug that makes your mind and body tattered is a true friend? In order to refuse a drug once and for all, it is important to have a “strong will” that is not swept away!

Treatment of drug addiction

  • Treatment at a medical institution specializing in addiction
  • Meet new friends at self-help group rehabilitation facilities

In the treatment of drug addiction in Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, continuing withdrawal is the first and only way to recover.

However, it is important not just to stop using drugs, but to acquire a new way of life that does not rely on addictive drugs.

The purpose of treatment for addiction is not only to treat physical and mental health problems but also to gain knowledge about addiction and to correct behavioral patterns and ways of thinking that used addictive drugs.

It is important to find friends at self-help groups and rehabilitation facilities who are working toward the same goal in order to maintain a drug-free life.

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