What to look for in an Idaho car accident attorney?


You were injured in a car crash in Idaho. You suffered injuries and losses because of someone’s negligence. Even if you had a minor share in fault, you could get compensation for your injuries as Idaho is an at-fault state. Hiring an attorney for your claim (or a potential lawsuit) can increase your chances of getting a fair settlement. If you are working with an Idaho car accident attorney for the first time, things can feel overwhelming. For your help, here is an overview of key aspects that matter for hiring. 

  1. The response. When you call a personal injury law firm, they should act promptly. In most cases, one of the firm’s associates will listen to your case on the phone. If they are interested in the case, they will schedule an appointment with their attorneys without delay. Lawyers know that losing time in car accident cases may mean losing evidence, and they will do what it takes to be responsive. 
  2. Experience counts. As in any profession, not all injury attorneys are the same. Also, not everyone deals with car accident claims and crashes regularly in their practice. Ask the lawyer if they have worked on similar cases in the past and whether they have represented clients at trial. The collective experience of all attorneys working for a personal injury law firm is also important.
  3. Comfort. Choosing an accident attorney is no different than choosing a therapist. You should feel comfortable talking about the crash, which may have impacted you in many ways. The lawyer should be open to answering questions and set realistic expectations for the case. You can also ask about dos and don’ts that you must follow for now.
  4. Fee. The good part is most car accident attorneys charge a contingency fee. The lawyer will get a part of the settlement only when you win. You don’t have to pay an upfront fee for sure, but it is still important to know what your decision would cost you. There could be other expenses related to the case, which the lawyer can pay for now.
  5. Reviews. If you wish to compare injury attorneys in Idaho, reviews can be really handy. While you can always ask for references, independent reviews posted on search engines can help sort your options. Check if a law firm has too many negative reviews. 

Consider calling an attorney soon after the accident for a free consultation session. 

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