What Tools Can Be Used For Business if Not Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

MS Dynamics 365 is secondly named as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is a cloud-based tool that provides customer relationship management, sales, and marketing functions. It is designed by Microsoft experts to track customer interactions, detect and nurture leads, and run multichannel campaigns.

The MS Dynamics CRM provides Android and iOS apps and is ideal for primarily large level businesses and enterprises. Moreover, Dynamics 365 also offers ERP features like field service, finance, operations, and human resources.

This is a guide in which we have listed topmost user-recommended Microsoft Dynamics 365 alternatives to assist you with the selection of right CRM solution. This guide will focus on sales, customer service, and marketing features, instead of an extra feature of the tool, such as ERP.

BizAutomation Cloud ERP

BizAutomation is also a cloud-based automation tool that offers a CRM-only module that automates sales and marketing, handles customer and partner relationships, and offers analytics on these functions.

The BizAutomation Cloud ERP software is meant for small businesses having employees less than 100.

Apart from core CRM features, BizAutomation also provides the following-

  • Automated follow-ups – The software automatically set follow-up reminders. This cloud ERP tool sends prescribed emails to the customer or partner on the day of the follow-up and updates the owner if and when the customer or partner responds.
  • Customizable workflows – It is possible for the software used to change the workflow as per the preference of the team. This is extremely helpful for teams that require high flexibility in their processes.

After working on the analysis report, we found a few things about BizAutomation that users like and the areas where they think it requires some improvements.

Things liked by users-

  • Its user-friendly interface
  • Its ability to personalize the dashboards and workflows

What users expect to see-

  • They want mobile apps for android and iOS devices in order to sync their contacts and calendars on their laptops using the user’s mobile.
  • They desire support for unique files when importing data. Users reported challenges while conversion of their data to BizAutomation’s format.
  • A detailed base of knowledge to help users to solve small and/ or frequent issues their own without any assistance of customer support all the time

BPM’ online CRM 

BPM’ online is a CRM tool offering marketing, sales, and customer service modules. It’s a complete CRM suite that provides most of the core functionalities offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. This means, if your business doesn’t require the entire suite, you can buy the standalone modules designed for marketing, sales, and customer service.

This software is meant for mid-level and large scale businesses. Major offerings of BMP’ online CRM-

  • Website behavior tracking – Track the entire journey of the visitor on your website and analyze their behavior. Leverage the collected data to create both targeted and triggered campaigns, or reference it in a running conversation with the customer to enhance the chance of a conversion.
  • Corporate social network – You can use your internal social network to partner across teams and address customer issues and solve them. The sales team will be able to send and receive personal messages too.

Things users liked about the software-

  • The “problem management” feature that combines similar customer tickets and cases into a single issue, and allows managers to assign an agent to resolve the issue. As per the users, it will save their time and resources when they compared things with past where different agents were hired to resolve each customer complaint.
  • The short learning curve of the solution. As per the report, users told that the software is user-friendly and allow them to customize it as per their desire and goal.

Things user expect to see –

  • More customization capabilities in the design features and templates which can improve the visual appeal of emails. Users told that the number of present design features is limited.
  • User-friendly process wizard for non-technical users that allows them to build custom processes and reports. As per the report, users told that creating custom processes can be complex procedure and required professionals.

Commence CRM 

Commence CRM is a cloud-based solution offering core marketing, sales and customer service functionalities. The software is meant to track and handle leads and sales. It also automates email and social media marketing and streamlines customer support work.

The Commence CRM has a real-time interactive dashboard that allows you to manage tickets and generate thorough multilevel reports.

Commence CRM doesn’t include a few advanced CRM capabilities offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, such as automated customer insights and activity control tracking. However, it can meet most of the requirements of small businesses. You can have android and iOS mobile apps to Commence CRM.

Key features of Commence CRM-

  • Self-service portal for customers
  • Social media-style internal chat

As per the reviews, users liked –

  • The feature of customization and modification of the tool without any support of technical expertise. Users could configure most alternations themselves or using guidelines or youtube videos.
  • Unlimited custom fields for every customer

What users expect to see-

  • More flexibility in formatting when making notes, such as change fonts and size of text or the bold, italic and underline feature.
  • A shorter learning curve during implementation and upgrading the tool. Users said it takes time to get used to the tool prior to understanding and adapting to its functionalities.

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